What vegetables to eat in autumn can reduce the fire

What vegetables to eat in autumn can reduce fire

what vegetables to eat in autumn can reduce fire

1 kelp

kelp tastes salty, cold, is phlegm, anti-inflammatory, asthma, detoxification, defecation ideal detoxification food. Kelp not only helps to remove the accumulated heat in the body, but also can deal with the physical overdraft caused by excessive sweating. Kelp contains a variety of nutrients, which can help reduce blood pressure and blood viscosity, which is of great benefit to patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

2, cucumber

cucumber has obvious heat clearing and detoxification, detoxification and beauty, body fluid and quench thirst effect. Cucumis acid can promote the metabolism of human body and excrete toxins. Propanedioic acid contained in cucumber can inhibit the production of fat, and cellulose can promote the elimination of putrefaction substances in human intestinal tract and reduce cholesterol, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss and body strength.

3, lotus root

lotus root is a treasure, because the lotus root is sweet, taste flat, can clear away heat, relieve cough. Lotus root has high nutritional value, rich in iron, calcium and other trace elements, plant protein, vitamins and starch content is also very rich, has obvious tonifying qi and blood, enhance human immunity. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine calls it: & lt; It can nourish the mind and Qi;. In addition, lotus root contains a lot of tannic acid, has the effect of vasoconstriction, can be used to stop bleeding. Lotus root can also cool blood and disperse blood. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is a good food therapy for febrile disease.

4, celery

celery is a variety of celery, its health effect is the same as celery. Celery is sweet, bitter and cool in nature. It belongs to lung, stomach and liver meridians. It has the effects of calming liver, clearing heat, expelling wind and dampness. It has good curative effect on hypertension, dizziness, headache, red and swollen eyes. Although the health preserving effect of celery is similar to that of celery, because celery is a foreign variety, the dietary fiber content of celery is better than that of Chinese celery. If people are dry in autumn, which leads to dry stool and constipation, eating more celery can relieve constipation.

what are the precautions in autumn diet?

1, food should be light, drink some porridge.

it is hot and rainy in late summer and early autumn, and it is easy to trap spleen due to heavy humidity. The spleen is in charge of transport and transformation, and likes dryness and dampness. Dampness heat trapping spleen will affect the normal function of spleen transportation, and then affect the ability of stomach to accept, resulting in loss of appetite. In addition, people are easily irritable in hot weather, and poor sleep will also affect gastrointestinal function, leading to loss of appetite. The regular diet is a long-term process. In fact, this process must be cultivated. We must not overeat for a meal, which is very harmful to our intestines and stomach.

3. Eat Yiqing and drink Ziyin decoction.

in early autumn, due to its seasonal characteristics, it is easy to produce damp heat and toxic fire, so it is not suitable for large tonic and warm tonic, but suitable for clear tonic. Take some food with the function of nourishing yin and clearing heat, such as duck, goose, crucian carp, rabbit, lean pork, kelp, tofu, etc. after reasonable cooking, make soup, such as old duck, balsam pear soup, kelp soup, etc. it can not only increase appetite, strengthen nutrition, but also relieve summer heat and keep fit.

5, rest is very important

a good sleep is very important for diet, of course, we don’t immediately go to exercise after eating, and don’t directly lie down or go to the cinema and so on.

6, don’t eat breakfast

breakfast, many people are relatively lack of autumn, some people don’t want to eat breakfast, if it is a long time don’t eat breakfast, then for the morning is still very big, so I have to go to eat breakfast every day, so as not to cause physical discomfort.

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