What would you like for breakfast?

What would you like for breakfast?

what would you like for breakfast?

there are starch staple foods, foods rich in high-quality protein, vegetables and fruits, which make you feel comfortable. This is a complete breakfast. Breakfast to eat high-quality protein food is very simple, eggs, soy milk, milk, cooked meat, tofu, low-fat cheese can be. It’s not difficult to eat vegetables for breakfast. For example, it’s easy to eat a steamed bun filled with fennel and eggs, a noodle soup with a handful of vegetables in a bowl, a pimple soup with tomatoes in a bowl, or two steamed pumpkins. If you can add a spoonful of nuts, you will be more perfect and happy.

delicious breakfast recommendation:

cut a whole wheat steamed bread into several pieces, spread a little salad dressing between the two pieces, and put in chopped walnut and pine nuts; Add chopped boiled eggs and a piece of lettuce into the other two slices to make a simple nut egg sandwich. With soy milk or milk, it tastes really good! If you don’t believe it, you might as well have a try.

to eat a rich and comfortable breakfast, not only can carry to 12 o’clock are full of energy, and a day will make people feel comfortable, happy. Its long-term benefits are to keep people alive and away from diabetes and coronary heart disease.

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