What’s a good breakfast for different groups of people

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don’t eat breakfast, cause & lt; Three high & quot;. According to the survey of

, 38.54% of the people can’t insist on eating breakfast every day, and 4.16% of the people even never eat it. The study found that without breakfast, the brain releases signals that it needs high calories, leading to junk food for lunch and dinner; It’s a lot more likely. In the long run, obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes will come to us. Harvard University research also confirmed that this practice will increase the risk of heart disease by 27%.

eating breakfast every day is a healthy lifestyle advocated by who. No time, no appetite and weight control are not reasonable excuses. We should set aside a fixed breakfast time to cultivate the habit of eating breakfast. It is very important for parents to teach each other by words and deeds and for family members to influence each other.

eat breakfast too fast, high risk of cancer. In the

survey, 60% and 42% of the people finished breakfast within 10 minutes, and 9.38% finished breakfast within 5 minutes. In this regard, experts pointed out that the most direct impact of swallowing is indigestion. Chewing is not fine, gastrointestinal burden increased, the risk of gastroesophageal reflux greatly increased. Eating too fast can’t stimulate brain activity, people will become stupid. Eating too fast doubles the risk of obesity, the study found. What’s more, most people eat food in a hurry regardless of the heat. A long-term high-temperature diet may induce cancer. More and more studies have shown that food overheating is closely related to a variety of digestive tract diseases such as esophageal cancer.

experts suggest that breakfast should be arranged between 6:30 and 8:30. Eat it at home in 15-20 minutes to form a healthy and regular work and rest habit. You can make the food into semi-finished products the night before. When you cook soup and hot rice in the morning, you can wash and tidy up every minute to make time for breakfast.

what kind of breakfast is good for different people

children’s breakfast: children are in the vigorous period of growth and development, it is very important to pay attention to supplement rich protein and calcium. First of all, eat a small amount of food with high sugar content to prevent dental caries and obesity. If conditions permit, a glass of milk, an egg and one or two pieces of bread are usually the best breakfast for children. Milk can be alternated with juice and other drinks. Bread can sometimes be replaced by biscuits or steamed bread.

breakfast for teenagers: during adolescence, the body develops rapidly, and the muscles and bones are often growing together. In particular, sufficient calcium, vitamin C, a and other nutrients are needed to help the growth and development of the body. Therefore, the appropriate breakfast for teenagers is a cup of milk, a fresh fruit, an egg and two liang dry points (mainly steamed bread, bread, biscuits and other carbohydrates).

breakfast for middle aged people; An eventful time;, In order to slow down the aging process of middle-aged people, their diet should not only be rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, but also be low in calories and fat.

healthy breakfast tips

1. Eating breakfast immediately after getting up is easy to indigestion. Generally, it is better to eat it 20 to 30 minutes after getting up.

2. Don’t eat too fast because you are in a hurry, so as not to damage the digestive system.

3. For those who have the habit of getting up early, breakfast can be arranged after 7 o’clock.

4. Food eaten after breakfast can’t replace breakfast, so it’s unscientific not to eat breakfast only by adding meals.

5, breakfast should also be fixed time, otherwise it will affect digestion and absorption.

6. Parents’ role models are very important. Only when parents take the lead in eating nutritious and healthy breakfast can children develop good breakfast habits.

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