What’s a Keli? How to make a perfect Keli

Keli is a popular snack in Brittany, northern France. The cake has sweet taste, such as: chocolate banana; There are also salty flavors, such as cheese and mushroom. Kori cake tastes good, but it still needs some tips to make perfect kori cake. Now, let’s learn how to make kori cake together? How to make perfect cookies!

what is a croissant


Crepes are pancakes thinner than pancakes. They are made of wheat flour and are very popular. Brittany still retains its traditional customs and celebrations, and the French set February 2 as & lt; Cake day & quot;.

how to make Keli cake


Crust material:

low gluten flour 100g, sugar 10g, a little salt, 3 eggs, milk 350g, melted cream 20g.

ingredients of cream filling with fresh cream:

1, 200g milk, 1 / 4 vanilla, 40g sugar, 20g low gluten flour, 2 egg yolks.

2, fresh cream 100g, sugar 10g, fruit wine (or lime, brandy) 10g.

specific method:

1, beat flour and eggs together, then add milk and water, mix well, then add salt and cream, beat smooth.

2, pan put any kind of high temperature oil, open the fire.

3. Put a quarter of the material in step 1 into the pot. Rotate the pot slightly to make the liquid fill the bottom of the pot evenly. About 2 minutes, turn over and fry for another 2 minutes.

tips for making perfect kori cake

1 tips for making kori cake batter


There are five basic ingredients for making a cookie batter, including eggs, milk, flour, melted cream and salt, Just beat up all the ingredients and the kori batter is done. Although you can beat all the ingredients with an egg beater in your hand, if you want to make the batter smoother, it is recommended to beat it with an electric mixer, food conditioner or juice machine. Because the taste of the cake has a lot to do with the texture of the batter, the perfect cake batter should be a little thinner than the texture of fresh cream, and there should be no caking. As for the taste of the cake itself, if you want to be sweet, you can add sugar to the batter, if you want to be fragrant, you can add vanilla essence and other flavor enhancing ingredients.

2, Keli batter needs & lt; Wake up & quot; After half an hour, don’t rush to use it. It’s recommended to put the batter in room temperature and let it dry; Wake up & quot; Use it for half an hour, during which time the flour will absorb all the water. Although the batter does not rest for half an hour can also be made into a kori cake, but this tip can make the taste of kori cake more delicate. If there is any extra batter left, put it in the refrigerator for about 2 days. You can also make the cake the night before, put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration, and take it out when you want to use it. You don’t need to defrost it to room temperature, but you need to stir it before frying it, If you find that the batter is too thick, just add 1 tablespoon of milk into the batter and repeat the steps until the batter is as thick as you want.

3. Choose a good cauliflower

. Although most families use a common pan to make the cauliflower, the special pan or frying pan can make the cauliflower with perfect appearance and taste, because these special pan or frying pan are designed for the cauliflower, Therefore, there are many advantages, but if you only fry a Keli once in a while, you usually don’t buy a special frying pan or frying pan, but at least you need to use a pan that doesn’t stick to the pan to take out the whole Keli without breaking.

4, use medium heat to fry Keli cake

. No matter you use ordinary pan or special pan or frying pan, it is recommended to use medium heat to fry Keli cake, but pay attention to the heat of the pan. In case the pan becomes too hot, you should turn the heat down to medium or low heat, because if the pan is too hot, the Keli cake batter will soon solidify, It can’t be extended smoothly, which leads to the small, thick and uneven Keli.

5 and

when frying Keli cake with cream, cream is the best choice. Cream can not only keep the Keli cake from sticking to the pot, but also add a charming fragrance to the Keli cake. Just dip the melted cream with kitchen paper towel or cooking brush, and then spread a thin layer in the pot. Don’t spread too much cream, or the cakes will become oily, or even hard crisp biscuits, so you can’t fold them up!

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