What’s best to rinse before eating hot pot? Whether to rinse meat or vegetables before eating hot pot

hot pot is popular every winter. Different from previous years, this year a variety of new hot pot soup bottoms emerge one after another, such as tomato soup bottoms, bone soup bottoms and fish head soup bottoms, which are loved by people, while the traditional clear soup bottoms and mandarin duck soup bottoms are ignored. But experts analyzed a large variety of hot pot soup bottoms, and finally came to the conclusion that if you want to eat nutritious and healthy, you’d better choose clear soup bottoms.

What’s best to rinse before eating hot pot? Is it better to rinse meat or vegetables before eating hot pot

? The minimum heat at the bottom of clear soup is

& ldquo; It is also green vegetable tofu. If you rinse it in different hot pot soup, their calorie and fat content are very different& rdquo; What kind of hot pot soup base to choose directly affects the heat of food, such as spinach, cabbage, lettuce and other leaf vegetables are recognized as low-fat food. When you put it in the clear soup base, its fat content only accounts for about 10% of all nutrients. But put it in the soup bottom with high oil content such as mandarin duck and pig bone, and its fat content will increase to 74%. This is because these vegetables have a large leaf area and can fully absorb oil.

in addition, it is not only leafy vegetables, but also melons, mushrooms, bamboo fungus and other vegetables. Due to the loose food fiber, there is a lot of air in them, which is also easy to absorb the oil in the bottom of the soup, resulting in the increase of the overall fat content.

rinse vegetables first and then meat

& ldquo; In the process of rinsing hot pot, some foods absorb oil, while others drain oil& rdquo; Fat cattle, mutton, lunch meat and skinned chicken will release oil, increasing the fat content at the bottom of the soup.

when many people rinse hot pot, they eat big fish and meat first & ldquo; Drain oil & rdquo; Wait until you are almost full before eating vegetables and so on & ldquo; Oil absorption & rdquo; As a result, I ate a lot of oil into my stomach.

if you want to eat healthy hot pot, in addition to choosing the right soup bottom, rinse vegetables and starchy food first, and save the oily meat for the last, which can also greatly reduce the intake of fat.

eat less meat

eat a hot pot for two or three hours, rinse and drink while eating, and often eat and support unconsciously. This is a situation that many people will encounter. In order to avoid excessive fat intake, low calorie foods can be used instead of high calorie foods.

for example, all kinds of vegetables, fish balls, shrimp balls, lean beef, tofu, tofu skin, fish fillets, crab fillet, rice noodles, etc. belong to low calorie foods; Fat cattle, mutton, gluten, lunch meat, tribute pills, bean curd bubbles, fish skin dumplings, instant noodles and so on are high calorie foods. It’s better to eat less.

don’t underestimate the mutual substitution between these foods. For example, the heat of rice flour with the same weight is 192 kcal, while that of instant noodles is 472 kcal. The difference between the two is 280 kcal. If a little makes a lot, your diet will become more and more unhealthy.

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