What’s better with dumplings? What is more healthy to eat dumplings

as the saying goes, delicious dumplings are not as good as dumplings. Delicious dumplings with rich fillings have always been a delicacy in people’s hearts, especially during the new year’s festival, dumplings are one of the indispensable protagonists on the table. When the whole family get together and make and eat dumplings, a kind of happiness unique to the Chinese people arises spontaneously, and the festive atmosphere is more and more intense.

what is better with dumplings? Eating dumplings with what is more healthy

although dumplings are delicious, they are also unhealthy. Generally speaking, dumplings are mainly filled with meat, with more meat and less vegetables. Eating more will naturally feel greasy. Not only does it taste uncomfortable, but eating too much greasy is also extremely harmful to human health. Therefore, many people like to dip in vinegar to ease the pain when eating dumplings. In fact, in addition to dipping in vinegar, we can also drink some healthy drinks that can remove greasy while eating dumplings, which can also get good results.

there are many health drinks with degreasing effect, such as tea and fruit juice, but the most suitable match with dumplings is sour plum soup, a traditional drink in China. Sour plum soup is made from several natural raw materials such as black plum and hawthorn. It is rich in trace elements, crude fiber and other nutrients, especially the flower surface element, which is rich in, is a kind of phytochemical substance, which can effectively help the body discharge greasy. Moreover, although the sour plum soup tastes sour, it belongs to an authentic alkaline drink. Eating too many acidic foods such as meat and eating too much oil leads to blood acidification. Drinking sour plum soup will also help us maintain the balance of blood pH in our body. Moreover, the sour plum soup tastes sour, sweet and delicious. It is more suitable to drink with dishes than bitter tea and sweet fruit juice.

pure meat dumplings are oily, which will directly increase the blood lipid in the body and easily cause or aggravate coronary heart disease. Therefore, patients with coronary heart disease had better choose plain dumplings made of mushrooms, cabbage and radish.

in addition to being the perfect partner of dumplings in terms of health, sour plum soup is also the representative of China’s traditional diet like dumplings. As early as the Zhou Dynasty, the rudiment of sour plum soup had appeared. In the Qing Dynasty, sour plum soup became the daily health drink of the royal family in previous dynasties. After being spread to the people in jiulongzhai palace, sour plum soup has also been welcomed by the people and has become one of the representatives of traditional Beijing cuisine. Therefore, eating dumplings on sour plum soup is not only beneficial to health, but also reflects the essence of our Chinese traditional food culture.

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