What’s good for dinner? There are three principles for the nutrition and health of dinner:

. Compared with breakfast and lunch, dinner is much simpler and lighter. This is because the excess nutrition of dinner will lead to the accumulation of fat in the body, resulting in obesity and affecting health. Let’s take a look at the three principles of healthy dinner!

Three principles of healthy dinner

1, dinner should be simple

compared with breakfast and lunch, dinner should be more simple, generally requires that the energy provided by the dinner does not exceed 30% of the total energy of the whole day. It is impossible to avoid eating dishes without restriction and at the same time ensure the intake of staple food; Quantitative & quot;, Healthy adults at least 300 grams per day, dinner can be appropriately reduced. On the other hand, in the choice of staple food, we should try our best to favor the coarse grains which are good for digestion and nutrition.

2, dinner should be light,

, dinner should be light, pay attention to choose less fat, easy to digest food, and pay attention not to eat too much. Dinner nutrition excess, consumption of fat will not accumulate in the body, resulting in obesity, affect health. Dinner time is too late, too long, eat too full to sleep, it is easy to cause indigestion and insomnia.

3, dinner should be vegetarian

, dinner must be partial vegetarian, rich in vitamins and carbohydrates, especially should eat more fresh vegetables, try to reduce too much protein, fat food intake. Dinner must get very good attention, but don’t ask for large quantity, let alone big fish and big meat. There should be more than two kinds of vegetables for dinner, which can increase vitamins and provide fiber. In addition, the amount of pasta can be reduced, appropriate to eat some coarse grains, you can eat a small amount of fish. If you can go out for a walk 40 minutes after dinner, it will be very beneficial to the digestion and absorption of food.

Six points for healthy dinner:

1. Seven days a week, a variety of food and Beverage Recipes must be guaranteed. Each dinner needs 2 vegetables, 1 meat dish, 1 soup and 1 bowl of rice;

2, daily intake of a small amount of wine, generally less than 50 ml;

3. The daily intake of oil should not exceed 25g, that is, less than half Liang;

4. Healthy food and beverage advocate drinking tea, but tea should not be too strong, because strong tea contains a lot of caffeine;

5. It is not recommended to eat too spicy, but green pepper can be eaten because it is rich in vitamin C and good nutrients;

6. Less condiments should be used in catering. It is advocated to eat more natural food instead of taste. At the same time, the salt content in catering should not be too much.

Foods that are not suitable for dinner, such as

1, sweet potatoes, corn, peas and other gas producing foods, will produce more gas in the process of digestion. Before going to bed, the undigested gas will produce abdominal distension and hinder normal sleep.

2, chili, garlic, onion and other spicy food. After eating spicy food, the body temperature will rise in the first cycle of sleep, leading to a decrease in sleep quality, an Australian study has shown. Will also make the stomach burning and indigestion, and then affect sleep.

3, pork and other greasy food. Because greasy food in the process of digestion will increase the workload of the intestine, stomach, liver, gallbladder and pancreas, stimulate the nerve center, so that it has been in a working state, leading to insomnia.

4, broth. It’s not necessarily a good thing to treat yourself with a pot of steaming chicken soup and ribs soup at dinner. Meat soup is higher than oil and heat, and it is most likely to get fat. It is not suitable for eating at night. It is better to eat it in the morning or at noon. At this time, might as well choose some fungus soup.

5, coffee, strong tea, cola and other foods that excite the brain. In particular, some people who are particularly sensitive to caffeine may stay excited for a longer time. In addition, caffeine has diuretic effect, too much coffee, easy to make people urinate more, which will also interfere with sleep.

6, wine. Although wine can make people fall asleep quickly, it can make the sleep status stay in the light sleep period, and it is difficult to enter the deep sleep period. Therefore, people who drink alcohol will still feel tired after waking up even if they sleep for a long time.

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