What’s good for lack of inspiration?

What’s good for lack of inspiration?

what to eat without inspiration?

tyrosine brain stimulation infinite inspiration

cosato pointed out that bananas, peaches, almonds and other foods containing a lot of tyrosine can help us think more thoroughly, but also more creative. These fruits rich in tyrosine are cheap and healthy. For those who need a lot of brain use, such as examinees, they are indeed a good choice to enhance their brain power.

can’t just eat fruit! What is tyrosine? It is an amino acid that stimulates the brain to secrete more & lt; Dopamine;, Dopamine is a hormone that affects creative thinking. Besides fruits, tyrosine is commonly found in high protein foods, such as fish, eggs, soybeans, chicken and cheese, while spinach, eggplant, potato, tomato and other vegetables are also rich in tyrosine.

for example, you can choose milk from low-fat milk. Besides protein and calcium, milk also contains vitamin B1 and amino acids necessary for the brain. Eggs and shellfish are also good choices. The absorption rate of egg nutrients by human body is 99.7%. Egg yolk contains yolk, calcium and other essential substances for brain cells, which can enhance brain vitality; Shellfish is almost pure protein, can quickly supply brain tyrosine, improve brain function. Among oil and nut seeds, peanuts rich in lecithin can enhance memory.

next time you feel that your brain is not working well, you may as well eat more fruits and brain strengthening food. It’s not only healthy, but also can make you get twice the result with half the effort in your study and work, with endless inspiration!

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