What’s good to eat after carsickness and vomiting

what’s good to eat after carsickness and vomiting

many people have carsickness phenomenon, some people may feel dizzy, nausea, some people even have vomiting phenomenon, so what’s good to eat after carsickness and vomiting? Let’s first understand the causes of carsickness.

1. Some people may have carsickness and vomiting due to poor sleep and overwork.

2, individual differences. When the afferent balance stimulus is too strong, such as sudden braking and violent rotation, even when the balance system is safe and normal, it will make people feel dizzy. This is a normal physiological phenomenon, and it will disappear after a while. However, some of them have poor tolerance to this kind of situation and have strong response to slight balance stimulation. Therefore, it is easy to vomit.

3. It can occur when suffering from some ear diseases´╝ł Because of the vestibular influence, the vestibule is part of the ear, which controls balance, coordination, vertical balance, muscle tone and all the muscles of the body.

4. Some people vomit due to overeating.

5. If the car is too airtight and the air is not ventilated, you will feel carsick and vomit when you smell gasoline.

after carsickness, people’s stomach is very uncomfortable, and vomiting will occur. At this point you can eat millet porridge is a good stomach food, and millet porridge can also supplement the nutrition you lose after vomiting; In addition, you can also eat more fruits, vegetables and fruits with vitamin C. Vitamin C can relieve the body’s adverse reaction of headache and fatigue. Like oranges, kiwifruit, etc.

what to eat for vomiting after drinking

after excessive drinking, many people will vomit, although most of the things in the stomach have been vomited at this time. At this time, not only in vomiting food, but also when vomiting will be in the body of potassium, calcium, sodium and other electrolytes consumption, so it will lead to gastric acid secretion disorder, so feel more uncomfortable. However, vomiting can make people feel relaxed.

after vomiting, the main thing is to supplement the lost electrolytes, but also pay attention to ease the speed of gastric acid secretion. Therefore, people who vomit should first drink a small amount of warm water or warm milk, and if possible, ginger sugar water, so that the damage caused by gastric acid is less, and then eat a few tomatoes or drink tomato juice, which is used to supplement electrolytes (because Xihong persimmon is rich in potassium, calcium, sodium and other ingredients).

if you feel hungry, you can eat some easy to digest pasta at this time, plus cold dishes seasoned with a lot of ginger, which has the best effect.

what do children eat after vomiting

1. Loquat japonica rice and reed root porridge

loquat leaf 10-15g (fresh 30-60g), japonica rice 100g, fresh reed root 60g, a little rock sugar. First, wrap the loquat leaves with cloth, and then decoct them with fresh reed root (wash and cut into sections). To slag, and then with glutinous rice porridge, porridge cooked can be put in rock sugar, slightly cooked. It is suitable for vomiting caused by stomach heat.

2. Radish honey drink

: 500g fresh white radish and 150g honey. Wash the radish, cut it into small pieces, put it in boiling water and take it out. Control the water to dry. After drying for a period of time, put it into the pot, add honey, boil it over low heat, mix well, wait for cold, and bottle it for standby. It is mainly suitable for food injury and vomiting, generally after meals.

3. Millet and cucumber porridge

millet 100g, fresh cucumber 300g, ginger 10g, refined salt 2G. Peel and flesh the cucumber, wash and cut it into thin slices, wash the millet, wash and break the ginger, add 1000 ml of water to the casserole, first put the rice and cook it over high heat, then slowly cook it over low heat until the rice is rotten. It is suitable for vomiting caused by heat stroke.

4, orange peel japonica rice porridge

orange peel 3-5g, japonica rice 50g. Dry the orange peel, grind and stir fry it into fine powder, add japonica rice into casserole and cook it as porridge, then add the orange peel and cook it for a while until the porridge is thick. Take it in the morning and evening every day. 5 days is a course of treatment.

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