What’s rum

many people don’t know what rum is. It’s necessary to introduce rum to you. Rum is a kind of distilled liquor produced with sugarcane and molasses as the main raw materials. It has sweet taste and good aroma. Rum is a kind of high-grade wine, which was first produced in Cuba and gradually spread to the whole world. Rum is also known as rum, which is as famous as whisky and brandy.

sugarcane is familiar to all, with high sugar content. Rum is made by fermentation and distillation of sugar juice pressed from sugarcane. The main production characteristics of this kind of wine are: select special ester producing yeast and add organic acid producing bacteria, CO fermentation, and then distillation aging.

rum is a by-product of sugar industry. It uses sucrose as raw material, first makes molasses, then ferments, distills and stores in oak barrel for more than 3 years. According to different raw materials and different brewing methods, rum can be divided into rum Baijiu, rum old wine, mild rum, rum regular wine, strong rum, etc., containing 38% to 50% alcohol, liquor amber, brown, and colorless.

Cuba rum, Cuba coffee and Cuba cigar are three famous products of Cuba.

rum type

according to the flavor characteristics, rum can be divided into: Luzhou flavor type and light flavor type:

Luzhou flavor type: firstly, sugarcane sugar is clarified, then the bacteria that can produce butyric acid and yeast that can produce alcohol are added, fermentation for more than 10 days, intermittent distillation with pot type pot, about 86% colorless original rum can be obtained, The finished wine is golden or light brown after being stored in wooden barrels for many years.

light flavor type: sugarcane sugar only with yeast, short fermentation period, tower continuous distillation, 95% of the original wine, storage and blending, light yellow to golden yellow wine, represented by Cuban rum.

rum can be drunk directly alone or mixed with other drinks to make a good cocktail. It can be drunk as an aperitif at dinner or after dinner. It is an excellent companion at important parties. Rum is one of the most consumed wines in the world. The alcohol content of rum is very low, so it can be tasted and drunk carefully.

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