What’s the advantage of red wine soaked with onion

what’s the advantage of red wine soaked with onion

onion belongs to health vegetables, has the effect of improving immunity, anti-tumor, reducing blood fat and so on. Wine can reduce blood lipid, soften blood vessels and prevent coronary heart disease. Red wine soaked in onion can reduce blood pressure, blood sugar and enhance immunity. It is used for the rehabilitation and health care of patients with hypertension, diabetes and arteriosclerosis. It can also calm the nerves and help sleep, and prevent & lt; Presbyopia;, Anti aging, on the elderly constipation and nocturia frequency also has a certain role.

1, patients with hypertension, drink after help to stabilize blood pressure, reduce blood sugar.

2, alleviate insomnia: wake up every night, until dawn can no longer fall asleep, do not eat sleeping pills can not fall asleep insomnia, drinking red wine onion bubble will have a certain degree of relief.

3, relieve frequent micturition: every night to go to the toilet several times the night of frequent micturition, drink two days later, can effectively alleviate.

4, often abdominal distension, very painful constipation, drink red wine onion bubble, will also effectively relieve constipation, faster return to normal defecation.

method of soaking red wine with onion

1. Wash the onion, remove the brown skin, and cut it into eight equal parts, about half moon shape.

2, 1 bottle of ordinary dry red wine with three green onions. Put the onion in a clean, dry wine bottle and add the dry red wine.

3. Seal the glass bottle and place it in a cool place for about 7 to 8 days.

4. Then filter and bottle the red wine, put the onion in another container, and refrigerate separately.

harm of red wine soaked with onion

red wine soaked with onion has no obvious side effects, but red wine soaked with onion can only be used as health care products, not as drugs. Whether there are obvious effects depends on people’s opinions. Red wine with onion:

1, less oil and salt, try to eat light.

2. It is absolutely not allowed to use red wine to soak onion instead of medicine.

3. Patients with high blood pressure should use less, and the daily dose should not exceed 50g.

4, pregnant women, children can not drink, people allergic to alcohol can not drink, otherwise it will bring serious consequences.

5. If you feel uncomfortable after drinking, you should stop drinking.

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