What’s the best food for different meats?

What’s the best food for the same meat?

what is the best food for different meats?

duck: yam

in terms of taste, the softness of yam and the delicacy of duck complement each other, but also make the soup milky and soft. Yam is rich in a variety of nutrients, beneficial to lung cough, spleen and stomach. Duck meat is a good product for nourishing yin and lung, relieving cough and resolving phlegm. Therefore, cooking soup together not only tastes delicious, but also can strengthen spleen and stomach, relieving cough and resolving phlegm.

fish: the content of methionine in tofu was less than that in fish; The content of phenylalanine in fish is less than that in tofu. Therefore, the combination of the two can learn from each other and improve the nutritional value. What’s more, tofu is rich in calcium, and vitamin D in fish can enhance the absorption of calcium and make it more effective.

beef: tomato

red meat is an important source of iron, and beef is especially rich in iron. When meeting tomatoes rich in lycopene and vitamin C, the iron in beef can be better absorbed by human body. When stewing beef, adding some tomatoes can make the beef rot faster and shorten the cooking time.

mutton: white radish

these two ingredients can be described as a perfect match. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, white radish is cold and can moisten the dryness and clear the fire, while mutton is warm, so they are more balanced in cold and heat. In terms of nutrition, eating radish can supplement potassium and dietary fiber; In terms of taste, the combination of the two can reduce the spicy taste of radish and mutton; From the perspective of digestion, adding radish can reduce the greasy feeling after eating mutton.

chicken: Mushroom

chicken stewed mushroom is a famous dish in Northeast China, which is rich in nutrition and delicious. This is because the mushroom is rich in guanosine and the chicken is rich in inosine. In the process of cooking, they will release free sodium glutamate, which will produce synergistic effect and greatly increase the taste.

pork: Chinese cabbage

dumplings filled with pork and Chinese cabbage have always been regarded as a classic match. In fact, it also makes sense in nutrition. Chinese cabbage is light and delicious, and tastes delicious. When it is combined with fat pork, it not only tastes good, but also increases people’s appetite. In addition, the dietary fiber in Chinese cabbage can help the cholesterol in pork excrete from the body, thus reducing the harm of saturated fatty acids to the human body.

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