What’s the best food to eat after exercise?

What’s the best food to eat after exercise?

what’s the best food to eat after exercise?

fine cereal food

nowadays, people advocate eating cereal food and think it is very healthy. In fact, cereal food cannot be generalized. Some cereal foods are added with sugar, especially those with delicate packaging and fine flour, which are difficult to provide energy for the body after exercise. It’s better to drink a cup of low sugar cereal and eat some nuts after exercise.

scrambled / fried eggs

eggs are considered to be a good snack after exercise because they contain protein and choline, which are good for the heart. But some people think boiled eggs are tasteless, and like to eat scrambled eggs or fried poached eggs after exercise. This practice is not healthy, because fried eggs or fried eggs have high fat content, boiled eggs or steamed eggs not only have no damage to high-quality protein, but also have lower fat content.

juice drinks

juice drinks generally contain very high sugar content. The correct way after exercise is to gradually increase the blood glucose concentration. Increasing the blood glucose concentration in a short time will disrupt the body’s original metabolic rate and endanger health.

processed meat products

after aerobic exercise, a sausage sandwich sounds great. But processed meat is a product of high fat, after exercise, they will have a negative impact on the digestive system. After exercise, sausage, bacon and sausage are not suitable for eating.


high fat processed cheese is not suitable for eating after a lot of exercise. The reason is that cheese contains a lot of saturated fat, salt or sugar. If you crave salty snacks after exercise, chewing a few cookies is a good idea.

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