What’s the best way to get rid of alcohol?

drinking is a major killer of human health. Although there are many health education telling us that drinking is harmful to our health, although everyone knows that drinking is harmful to our health, sometimes it can’t be as we expect. There are many scenes and human feelings that need us to hold up the wine glass, so drinking is also a common problem, Drunken people are often extremely uncomfortable. At this time, they need to relieve their suffering. So what are the good ways to relieve their suffering?

1, Chinese cabbage Jiejiu

wash Chinese cabbage, cut into shreds, add some vinegar, sugar, mix well, marinate for 10 minutes before eating, cool, sweet and sour Jiejiu.

2, Xueli Jiejiu

take 2 to 3 clean slices of Xueli, pound them into mud, wrap them with gauze, press them out and drink them.

3, horseshoe Jiejiu

take more than 10 horseshoe (i.e. water chestnut), wash and pound them into mud, then wrap them with gauze to squeeze out juice for drinking (this method is most suitable for patients with strong drunkenness such as drinking sorghum).

4, sugarcane dealcoholic

will be washed and peeled sugarcane, cut into small sections to drink juice, have the effect of dealcoholic.

5, celery Jiejiu

take appropriate amount of celery to wash, chop and mash, wrap it with gauze and squeeze out juice for drinking (this method can relieve headache, brain distension, face flush, etc. after drunk).

6, beans to relieve alcohol

with mung beans, red beans, black beans 50 grams each, add licorice 15 grams, boiled, beans, soup taken together, can refresh and relieve alcoholism symptoms.

7, traditional Chinese medicine antialcoholism

, traditional Chinese medicine Pueraria 30 g, add appropriate amount of water, decoction drink, antialcoholism effect is particularly good.

8, drink sour vinegar

, when acid meets with alcohol, it will produce acetate and water, which can reduce the damage of alcohol to human body. When drunk, use 60g sour vinegar or mature vinegar, 25g brown sugar, 5g ginger slices, add appropriate amount of water, and drink after decocting.

9, drinking milk

milk mixed with wine can coagulate the protein, alleviate the absorption of alcohol in the stomach, and protect the gastric mucosa.

10, drink radish juice

, use 500 grams of raw white radish, wash and squeeze juice, instead of tea drinking service, one cup each time, drink 2 to 3 times, have the effect of antialcoholic and xiaojiuqi.

in this world, there are not a few people who love wine, and there are not a few people who love wine. This may be someone else’s life, is not to say that life must be happy, often this time how can less wine. But Xiaobian still wants to tell you that drinking too much is harmful to your health. It can cause a variety of diseases. So we should drink in an appropriate amount, try not to get drunk, and don’t drink wake-up soup when you are drunk.

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