What’s the best way to keep fit in winter?

, what’s the best way to keep fit in winter?

1, pigeon meat & mdash& mdash; Strengthening the body and tonifying the kidney; One pigeon is better than nine chickens;, The nutrition of pigeon meat has been recognized by people. It has the functions of strengthening body and kidney, strengthening brain and spirit, reducing blood pressure, adjusting blood sugar, nourishing face and beauty, and is easy to digest. It is very suitable for eating after the beginning of winter. At the coldest time of the year, drinking a bowl of pigeon broth to protect liver and kidney, replenish qi and blood can make people energetic and radiant.

2, mutton & mdash& mdash; Warm stomach and keep cold

mutton can warm stomach and keep cold, especially suitable for eating after the beginning of winter. The content of fat and cholesterol is much less than pork and beef. It is the best delicacy with tonic and cold proof effect in winter. Mutton has the effect of invigorating the vital energy and blood, and treating lung deficiency. It is quite beneficial to patients with asthma, tracheitis, lung disease and deficiency cold.

3, fish & mdash& mdash; Although winter is a good season for tonic, it is not suitable for everyone to eat too dry meat. Fish with rich nutrition and low fat content is very suitable for tonic after the beginning of winter. Its protein content is twice that of pork, and it belongs to high quality protein with high absorption rate. Secondly, fish has the function of intelligence and brain.

what kind of tea should I drink for Lidong health preservation?

1, black tea & mdash& mdash; Prevention of influenza

after the beginning of winter, influenza occurs frequently. To prevent influenza, you might as well drink some black tea. In winter, you can effectively prevent influenza by directly gargling with black tea or making tea. Black tea is warm and sweet, rich in protein and sugar, can enhance the body’s cold resistance, but also can go greasy.

2, black tea & mdash& mdash; Jiangzhi Jiangya

black tea is rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids and so on. It can improve the intestinal microbial environment and has the function of smoothing the intestines and stomach. It has a good effect on relieving the accumulation of food in winter. Chinese people have the tradition of using old black tea to treat abdominal distension, dysentery and non digestion. At the same time, black tea has significant effect in reducing blood lipid and blood pressure, and rich tea polysaccharide is the key to health care of black tea. It also has the function of improving immune function and anti hemagglutination. It’s very good to drink more black tea after the beginning of winter.

3, oolong tea & mdash& mdash; Prevention of dryness

after the beginning of winter, hair and lips dry peeling is one of the most obvious physical reactions, and oolong tea is not cold or hot, it has the function of moistening the skin, moistening the throat, generating body fluid and clearing the accumulated heat in the body. Therefore, drinking more oolong tea after the beginning of winter can relieve the skin dryness caused by vitamin deficiency.

precautions for health preservation in winter

the focus of disease prevention in traditional Chinese medicine is health preservation. The purpose of health preservation is to enhance the disease resistance of human body. However, no matter what kind of way to maintain one’s health, one must & lt; Harmony in Yin and Yang, harmony in four seasons;, That is to say, it should be synchronized with the rhythm of the external environment. For human beings, due to their unique physiological structure and way of life, in winter, they should follow the laws of nature, give priority to Tibet, and not be people with deficiency and cold. And a lot of & lt; Be gentle, not warm; Most of the women have cold hands and feet in winter. Therefore, we should pay more attention to seasonal maintenance in winter. Sometimes we can improve our physique only by paying more attention in our daily life. Don’t lose weight in winter. Girls who love beauty want to lose weight all year round. In fact, whether it’s diet, exercise or drug diuresis, they all consume a lot of calories in a short time to lose weight. This belongs to & lt; Let go & quot; It is not suitable for winter. In nature, cubs know how to eat fat in winter to survive the winter. The so-called survival of the fittest, living creatures have their own way to adapt to nature, can’t humans do it?

2, Beauty & lt; Freezing & quot; People are harmful to health

many female compatriots who love beauty like to wear short skirts or shorts even in winter, or because they are afraid of looking bloated, they just wear a thin layer of clothes to maintain their posture and demeanor. However, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine health science, winter & quot; Tibet & quot; The body skin should avoid exposure to the outside world. Although it is the nature of young women to love beauty, even if they love beauty, they should not sacrifice their health.

3; Cold & quot; Fitness

winter swimming, cold bath, sounds very healthy. But from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it is not suitable for women. Dr. Fan Yupeng said that because of the fast pace of work and life, great pressure and irregularity, most modern women’s physique is mainly deficient, especially winter swimming. In fact, whether it’s winter swimming or taking a cold bath, it seems to be a way to exercise. In fact, the body needs to spend a lot of yang to resist the cold, which is especially not suitable for women who are physically deficient. If we take long-term measures to persuade the cold & quot; The way of fitness, and even easy to cause some internal medicine, gynecological diseases, so & lt; To get rid of the cold is to get warm; It’s the only way to keep healthy in winter.

4, don’t stay up too late

in winter, the time of night is long, the time of day is short. People should also conform to nature, increase sleep time, can nourish Yuan Yin Yuan Yang. In fact, staying up late in winter is more harmful than usual. It’s better not to go to bed late. Pay attention to in winter; Closed collection;, Pay attention to & lt; Go cold and warm;.

5, don’t sweat too much exercise

exercise is good for the body, but from the perspective of health, don’t do too intense and sweat too much exercise in winter. According to traditional Chinese medicine, sweat belongs to & lt; Body fluid & quot; Category, after strenuous exercise, pores open, Yang with sweat leakage, easy to cause & lt; Qi and fluid injuries & quot; It’s a new pattern. In winter, the most common is & quot; Seal & quot; It’s the need & lt; Preserve strength & quot; It is easy to get tired, catch a cold, dizzy and cold in hands and feet.

as for the limit of the appropriate amount of exercise, it should be determined according to the specific situation of each person. People who often exercise may not sweat after playing badminton for half a day, while people who seldom exercise will sweat all over the body after a little exercise.

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