What’s the best way to maintain the wardrobe?

What’s the best way to maintain the wardrobe?

what’s the best way to maintain the wardrobe?

the wardrobe is the furniture we must use to store clothes, especially for women, the importance of the wardrobe is even greater. The wardrobe is often opened and closed. If it is used for a long time, there will be some dust, damp weather and mildew. In this way, our clothes are easy to breed bacteria, and then spread to people through clothes. For the maintenance of the wardrobe is not to be ignored, today we’ll take a look at the maintenance of the wardrobe which tips.

wardrobe maintenance tips

there are slight scratches and bruises on the surface, you can use a cloth dipped in the mixture of ash and lemon juice or sand oil to wipe, dry and wax; If the scratch is deep and the damage is serious, it is necessary to mix the same color paint to make up the color.

if there are stains on the surface, it can be considered to use an appropriate amount of neutral detergent or soapy water with a wet cloth for wiping, or use sand and wax for wiping; If it is found that the surface is difficult to remove the black spots, can use a little kerosene wipe.

light rail door pulley has been used for a long time, and it is a normal phenomenon to make noise. In order to ensure the lasting smooth and quiet of the pulley, please add some lubricating oil along the upper and lower pulley every 2-3 months.

sliding door and dust strip have slight degumming phenomenon, which can be bonded with double-sided adhesive; If there is a gap in the positioning of the lower rail positioner, you can use a slotted screwdriver to align the positioner and push it to the side plate to close the gap; If the sliding door tilts to the right, adjust the left bottom wheel; Pine & quot; Or right bottom wheel & lt; Tight & quot; At the sign.

if there is dust or mildew in the wardrobe, it will not only affect our home life, but also harm our health. Therefore, we should be diligent people. We can’t wait until there is dust or stain in the wardrobe to clean it. We also need to clean it regularly, so as to make our home life better.

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