What’s the buffet food

? Maybe everyone of us has had a buffet. If we don’t have a buffet, we can eat it casually. But we must be within our ability. We must not form the habit of wasting food. Otherwise, if everyone wastes a little, there will be a lot of waste every day in the world. Many people don’t know much about the buffet food, Now let’s learn about the buffet food.

1, the order is generally cold dishes, soup, hot dishes, desserts, fruits, ice cream, if there are many people, please line up to pick up the dishes in order. 2. Don’t get too much food at a time. Try to finish all the dishes on the plate. Don’t get too much food at a time. You can’t eat all of them at last.

3, a few friends to eat together, should also take their own use, avoid everyone to take many plates, like eating Chinese food together.

4. After eating a dish, put the knife and fork in parallel on the dish, and then take the next dish. The waiter will take the initiative to take away the dish. Grade: Although there is no big difference in the appearance of all kinds of buffet, they are actually different. According to different standards, the grades are also very different. However, the arrangement, materials and types of dishes of the general buffet are mostly stewed, stewed and boiled dishes in Western food, supplemented by some salads, bread, desserts and drinks. The first dish is appetizer. Basically, it is a salty and sour dish with special flavor. The second course is soup. Including thick soup, velvet soup and clear soup. The third dish is usually fish dish, and the level of restaurant grade is obviously reflected from this dish. There are all kinds of fresh water fish, sea water fish and shellfish. In general, the restaurants with higher grade have more fish dishes imported by air. Meat and poultry dishes are the fourth course, also known as the main course. There are cattle, sheep and pork, as well as chicken, duck and goose, which can be boiled, fried, roasted and stewed. The freshness and cooking taste of steaks, lamb chops and other meat and poultry also reflect the grade and skills of the cafeteria. Vegetable dishes are generally arranged after meat dishes, and can also be eaten at the same time with meat dishes. The varieties include lettuce and cooked food. The desserts of Western food are generally eaten after the main course, such as jelly, pancake, ice cream, fruit, etc. In particular, the proportion of cooking in high-end restaurants is small, or even not. Some restaurants will arrange chefs to make some baked and roasted dishes on site, and customers will order and eat them now to ensure the fire and freshness. Door: there is a way to eat a buffet. First of all, you should choose a place far away from the dishes. Walking around is good for consuming calories. Secondly, you should know that some of the food in the buffet is only used to fill the scene, such as Japanese cold noodles, fried noodles or spaghetti.

only when we know what the buffet food is, can we choose whether we like it or not and whether it is suitable for us to use it according to our liking degree. At the same time, the most important point of eating buffet is to avoid waste, eat as much as possible on the basis of our limited stomach, and enjoy a lot of delicious food.

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