What’s the cause of bad breath? What’s good for bad breath

What’s the cause of bad breath? What’s the reason for bad breath?

generally, halitosis is related to damp heat of spleen and stomach. In traditional Chinese medicine: & lt; The stomach governs reception and the spleen governs transportation; The stomach qi descends, so that the food and its dross can be lowered, and the essence of the diet can nourish the whole body &rdquo. If the spleen and stomach are damp and hot, dampness evil will trap the spleen and Spleen Yang will not rise. In addition, it will lead to & lt; Stomach qi does not fall, turbid Qi rises;. And this & lt; Turbid gas rising & quot; Will go up along the esophagus to the mouth, and then form in the mouth is similar to the smell of food decay, halitosis.

bad breath what to eat

1, rice water gargle.

rice washing water has certain anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and cleaning effects, and has certain adsorption capacity. It is suitable for bad breath caused by unclean mouth. In some areas of our country, it still retains the habit of cleaning children’s mouth with gauze dipped in rice washing water.

2, lotus leaf tea.

drink lotus leaf with 3 ~ 5g water every day. Lotus leaf can not only clear away heat and dampness, but also strengthen spleen and help Yang. Therefore, using lotus leaf instead of tea can clear away dampness and heat.

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