What’s the cause of dandruff? Six effective ways to remove dandruff

dandruff has been bothering people. Dandruff is mostly caused by cell death in the brain, but a lot of dandruff makes people feel sick. Then, can people treat dandruff? Here’s how to treat dandruff.

What is the cause of dandruff

scalp oil: an important factor leading to dandruff is a Malassezia parasitism. This is a kind of normal parasitic bacteria on human skin, which feeds on sebum. Excessive proliferation can cause dandruff, so people with oily scalp are more likely to have dandruff.

mental tension and anxiety: there are many complex factors involved in the formation of dandruff, which is often related to the current society

4. Fresh sesame leaves

take 1000 grams of fresh sesame leaves, fried water 6000 ml, wash once every three days, continuous washing for 7 times as a course of treatment, severe symptoms can be 2-3 courses of treatment. Ginger water

use ginger water to clean hair, also choose fresh ginger, cut ginger into thin slices, soak in a kettle, boil water, take out the ginger slices in boiling water, use boiled ginger water to clean hair, and then gently wipe the hair with ginger slices, which can have a good effect on removing dandruff.

6. Baking powder

first wet the hair, then grab a small amount of baking powder and sprinkle it on the hair. During the rubbing process, try to make the baking powder touch the scalp as much as possible, and remember not to use shampoo. At first, the hair may become very dry, but after a few weeks, the scalp begins to secrete natural oil, saying goodbye to dandruff, and the hair will become soft.

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