What’s the daily magic of drinking the remaining tea? Use tea dregs skillfully to solve small problems in life

if you are a tea lover and even your family love to drink tea, there will be a lot of tea left every morning. Is it a pity to pour out the rest of the tea? Of course, it’s a pity that you should not underestimate the tea which is discarded immediately. They will help you solve many problems. What’s the daily use of drinking the remaining tea

(1) drinking the remaining wet tea can remove the fishy and scallion smell in the container.

(2) boiled eggs with tea leaves and other condiments are fragrant and delicious.

(3) wash greasy pots and bowls, wooden and bamboo tables and chairs with the remaining tea to make things more smooth.

(4) dry the remaining tea and spread it in a damp place to remove moisture.

(5) after drying the remaining tea, put it into the pillow. It has the functions of heat clearing, fire removing, eyesight improving, brain refreshing and refreshing, and is very soft, especially suitable for computer users.

(6) immerse the remaining tea in water for a few days and pour it on the root of the plant to promote the growth of the plant, but it is better not to pour the tea in the flowerpot, because it is inconvenient to clean, it will rot, have peculiar smell and grow insects.

(7) Drink the rest of the tea to feed the newborn silkworm.

(8) to dry the remaining tea and put it into the toilet or ditch for fumigation, which can eliminate the stench and has the function of expelling mosquitoes and flies.

(9) drink the remaining tea and dry it to make insole, which can remove the odor of wet sweat and reduce the trouble of foot odor.

(10) after finger burns, soak in the remaining tea to relieve the burning pain.

(11) heating the remaining tea leaves can also remove the choking smoke.

(12) wash your hair with the leftover tea. It can remove dandruff, relieve itching and black hair. If you wash your eyebrows with it often, your eyebrows will become thick and black.

(13) gargle with the remaining tea to remove the bad smell.

Other magical effects of drinking tea leaves

to wash your face.

tea contains a lot of vitamins, especially VC. Washing your face with tea water every morning can reduce the generation of color spots. The tea polyphenols in tea can also slow down the mild skin itching and acne.

eye bags.

many people stay up late or drink too much water at night. The bags under their eyes are obvious when they get up the next day, and sometimes there are dark circles under their eyes. What can we do? At this time, it’s time for the leftover tea to appear. Wrap the tea in the tea cup in the gauze, wet the gauze with tea and apply it to the eyes. Take it off for about 15 minutes. The bags under the eyes and dark circles under the eyes are lightened a lot, and the eyes are full of vitality. In this way, you can happily enter the new day’s work.


relatives and friends come as guests. They have a lot of tea left over. You might as well pour them all into the foot basin. Adding hot water can make your feet very happy and relieve your fatigue all day. Friends who have beriberi and foot odor soak their feet with the tea water they drink during the day, which has a significant slowing effect.

hair care.

after washing, wash and massage the hair and scalp with the tea water left after drinking, which will protect the hair and remove the dandruff.

Water the flowers.

put the leftover tea water and tea together in an idle glass bottle. After a few days, water the flowers with tea water, and then bury the tea in the soil of the flowerpot. You will find that your flowers will be more and more vigorous.

as pillow core.

drain the leftover tea every day and put it in a clean plastic bag after drying. When the quantity reaches a certain level, you can make a self-made tea health pillow.

, moisture-proof, deodorization.

put the dried tea in the toilet or shoes, which has the function of moisture-proof and deodorization. If you are a friend with sweaty feet, you can lay some sun dried tea under the insole, which is not only moisture-proof, but also has obvious deodorization effect.

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