What’s the difference between brown sugar and black sugar

the efficacy and function of brown sugar

brown sugar everyone is familiar with, today’s editor will introduce brown sugar, brown sugar, also known as brown granulated sugar, is a red crystal directly refined from the stem juice of sugarcane. Although brown sugar has more impurities, it has better nutritional components. Besides sucrose, it also contains a small amount of iron, calcium, carotene and other substances《 According to the compendium of Materia Medica, brown sugar is warm in nature and has the effects of removing blood stasis, promoting body fluid, dispersing cold and promoting blood circulation, warming stomach and spleen, and relieving pain. Therefore, brown sugar is the best maintenance product for women.

brown sugar, which has not been processed, retains more nutrients of sugarcane. The glucose contained in brown sugar releases energy quickly and is easier to be digested and absorbed by human body. Therefore, it can quickly supplement physical strength and increase vitality, so it is also called Oriental chocolate. The advantage of brown sugar is & lt; Warm and replenish, warm and unblock, warm and disperse;, It is also commonly known as warm tonic.

if people feel that their children are short of breath, lack of appetite, malnutrition and other problems, they can drink brown sugar water in moderate amount on weekdays. Cold abdominal pain, menstruation when easy to catch a cold, can also be used to remove cold brown sugar ginger soup. Brown sugar also has an excellent tonic effect on the weak old people, especially those who have just recovered from a serious illness. If the old people eat some brown sugar in an appropriate amount, they can also disperse blood stasis, activate blood circulation, moisten the intestines and defecate, slow down the liver and improve eyesight.

according to nutritional analysis, brown sugar contains twice as much calcium as white sugar, twice as much iron as white sugar, and other trace elements such as manganese and zinc are also more than white sugar. At the same time, there are vitamin B and carotene. These nutrients are very necessary for pregnant women, puerpera and infants. In particular, brown sugar is very beneficial to women’s menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and lactation. In addition, brown sugar also has cosmetic effect.

what’s the difference between brown sugar and black sugar; Close relatives & quot; What’s the difference?

black sugar: most people first know that black sugar is snacks brought back from Taiwan or Japan, such as black sugar lollipop, black sugar marshmallow and so on. We also think that the darker the color, the more nutrients there should be. Therefore, black sugar peripheral products once swept the snack industry. In fact, black sugar and brown sugar are really the same mother. Their raw materials and production technology are the same, but the brown sugar takes a longer time to cook and has a deeper browning degree, so it has a deeper color.

brown granulated sugar: since brown sugar is so nutritious, what we see is & quot; Moon brown sugar& ldquo; Women’s brown sugar& ldquo; Ginger brown sugar & quot; And so on & lt; Ancient formula & quot; Is that true? When we looked at the ingredients list, we found that it read: & lt; Red granulated sugar;, Is this the academic term of brown sugar? In fact, brown granulated sugar is a derivative of white sugar made from sugarcane in industrial production. It is a sugar residue that has not been decolorized after many times of crystallization and purification. After processing, it becomes brown granulated sugar with similar color to brown sugar. So in terms of nutrition, it is very different from brown sugar.

brown sugar: after sugarcane is juiced, it is purified by lime method and directly heated to make sugar. Its most prominent feature is that it belongs to non honey, that is, sugar without honey processing. I believe everyone is confused about what is molasses. In fact, molasses and sugar crystals are separated during the boiling process. For example, white granulated sugar is separated from the crystal part, so it does not contain molasses. Molasses contains many natural nutrients, such as protein, minerals, vitamins and phenols. The ancient brown sugar that we often come into contact with now is produced in this way, so its nutritional value is relatively high.

said these kinds of brown sugar with similar color. How can we distinguish them?

for brown sugar and brown granulated sugar, it is difficult to confirm which is brown sugar and which is brown granulated sugar only from the appearance. However, if we observe carefully, we will find that brown sugar is handmade, so there will be more impurities and it will look rough, while red granulated sugar is uniform and large. The description of brown sugar in compendium of Materia Medica is that it coagulates like stone and breaks like sand.

after research found that as long as the food is fried and boiled for a long time, there will be a suspected carcinogen: acrylamide; The black sugar due to the extension of the cooking time, nature is no exception. At present, the harm of acrylamide is still in the research stage, and there is no exact indication, but please note that this kind of harm is a little & quot; Paste & quot; It’s better to eat less sugar.

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