What’s the difference between drinking milk and not drinking milk? How to drink milk to be healthy?

milk is a very good drink. As a dairy product, it not only has high nutrition, but also is very conducive to absorption. But there are also many people will say that drinking milk does not make any difference, do not drink milk bones are still very strong, resistance is also very good. In fact, it varies from person to person. Although some people don’t drink milk, they get high-quality protein and rich calcium through other food routes. Let’s learn about it.

, but this can not be generalized. From the perspective of the effect of health preservation, if you insist on drinking milk everyday, it still has a very good effect on the body. Throughout daily life, in most cases, people who drink milk and people who do not drink milk are very different. Today Xiao Qing will tell you about drinking milk.

first insist on drinking milk what kind of benefits to the body

1. Provide the necessary energy

we all know that milk can provide energy for our body, because milk is rich in protein. Protein is also one of the three nutrients. So if you drink milk frequently, first of all, from the energy point of view, it can guarantee the energy base needed for daily work and study.

2。 For the human body to supplement calcium

believe that milk can be a good supplement of calcium, this fact presumably no one does not know. And when it comes to calcium milk can be said to be the most preferred. Milk is not only rich in animal calcium. And the calcium is very good for our body to absorb.

many people will say that no matter how good the calcium supplement effect of milk is, it can’t be better than bone soup. Bone soup is the right thing to supplement calcium. In fact, here Xiaoqing tells you that this idea is even more wrong. The calcium supplement level of bone soup is really not as good as drinking milk. Now the pig did not raise how long on the market, feed feeding, how can calcium even better than milk?

even if bone soup can supplement calcium, it can’t supplement calcium as much as milk. Because milk contains vitamin D and lactose, which can help the body absorb calcium, which is a big bright spot.

3。 It is beneficial to brain

. Practice has proved that the nutrients in milk can promote the development and operation of brain. This is because milk is rich in lactose, which enters our body. Can be broken down into glucose and some galactose substances, and our brain and its nervous tissue is composed of galactose and other nutrients.

so milk is very good for our intelligence development and normal brain operation. This situation will be particularly obvious in children. Therefore, Xiao Qing suggests that drinking some milk to children every day is of great benefit to their growth and development.

4。 Maybe many people know that drinking a cup of warm milk before going to bed at night can better promote our sleep. Although we all know that milk has such an effect, but we know why milk has such an effect, but very few people.

this is because milk is rich in tryptophan, which can help our body secrete melatonin. This substance can promote sleep and prevent insomnia. But it is worth noting that although it has a certain calming effect, it is not a drug after all. If insomnia is very serious, you still need to see a doctor.

milk has so many advantages that how to drink milk is very important. Next, Xiao Qing will tell you how to drink milk in order to be more healthy.

1。 How much can we drink to better protect the nutritional needs of the human body?

indeed, the health effect of milk is very good, but the amount is very important. In China, the dietary guidelines for residents give clear standards. The recommended intake is 300 grams of milk and dairy products for adults every day.

in order to better supplement calcium, if there are some special reasons such as calcium deficiency. Or children, pregnant women, the elderly and other special groups, or can increase the amount of drinking milk.

2。 When drinking milk to pay attention to some small details

, the first thing to say is the milk temperature, generally more suitable for the stomach milk temperature is 35 ℃ to 40 ℃. Milk at this temperature is the most difficult to stimulate the stomach, and the human body is also the most comfortable to drink.

in fact, when drinking milk, it is best not to add sugar, especially refined sugar intake. Because sugar is very easy to cause a lot of bad effects, especially in the evening, it is very easy to cause dental caries, obesity, diabetes and other diseases. If you really feel that the sweetness of milk is not enough, you can add a little honey, and this is not too much.

and then milk. It’s better to buy small bags and drink them all at once. After all, milk is not conducive to long-term preservation. It’s easy to be attacked by microorganisms, so when you buy enough, you can choose a small package and drink it at one time to avoid unnecessary harm.

generally speaking, it is impossible for us to buy milk every day. Generally speaking, we have to buy milk for several days. At this time, preservation becomes the top priority. Today Xiaoqing will tell you how to keep milk.

the best way to keep milk is to keep it away from light. This is because milk contains substances such as riboflavin, which are very sensitive to light and temperature. A little inattention is easy to affect the flavor of milk.

finally, Xiaoqing still wants to remind everyone that it is necessary to drink milk every day. No matter what age group of people, the demand for nutrition is the same. In most cases, people who drink milk are stronger than people who don’t drink milk. There are some differences in other aspects. So drinking milk is very necessary.

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