What’s the difference between Fengyoujing and Qingliang oil

Fengyoujing and Qingliang oil are essential medicines in summer. Usually cold, dizziness, mosquito bites can be used to wipe, then, what is the difference between cool oil and essential balm? Come and have a look!

The difference between cool oil and essential balm.

in terms of efficacy, cool oil has the effects of refreshing brain and cooling, relieving itching and pain, and is commonly used in wind heat, cold, heat stroke, carsickness, mild scald, etc; In addition to the above effects of cooling oil, Fengyoujing can also treat oral ulcer, tinea pedis, sore throat and other diseases.

in terms of usage, cooling oil can only be used externally; Essential balm can be used both externally and orally.

in general, the scope of application of Fengyoujing is more extensive.

The little magical effect of essential balm is

1. It can expel insects indoors. There are many mosquitoes in summer and the temperature is on the high side. Many families use air conditioners, so you can put a few drops of essential balm on the leaves of air conditioners, Soon indoor will have the flavor of essential balm, so as to have the effect of insect repellent.

2, ease the pain after exercise

usually very little exercise, suddenly a lot of exercise, will lead to foot pain, at this time you can use Fengyoujing bubble feet, not only can refresh the mind, but also relieve the pain after exercise.

3, can wake up

if you find that usually can’t lift the menstruation, it’s better to add a few drops of essential balm in the bath water, not only can clear the body’s sweat smell, but also can play a role in refreshing and preventing cold.

4. It can remove peculiar smell

. When cooking at home, there will always be some peculiar smell brought by food, such as garlic smell and fishy smell, which are difficult to remove with hand sanitizer and soap. At this time, you can drop a few drops of Feng you Jing on your hand and then wash it. The peculiar smell can be removed.

5, can prevent foot odor

, essential balm has the function of removing odor, if you are sweating heavily, before wearing shoes, drop a few drops of essential balm in the shoes, so as to relieve foot odor.

6 Can alleviate insomnia

many people’s insomnia is caused by a high degree of mental tension, so people with insomnia can rub Fengyoujing on the temples, Fengyoujing will bring a cool feeling, so as to play a relaxing role and relieve insomnia.

7, treatment of ulceration

ulceration appeared in the corner of the mouth, after daily washing, you can apply essential balm on the affected area. Once in the morning and once in the evening, it will improve significantly in two days.

8, the treatment of abdominal pain

in the navel position daub balm, with a towel to cover the abdomen, has the effect of cold pain.

9, summer heatstroke prevention

applying Fengyoujing to Renzhong, Taiyang, Yintang and other acupoints can prevent heatstroke and cold.

Avoidable people

1, pregnant women and children under the age of three can not use balm, because balm is an irritant drug, so it will have some adverse reactions to pregnant women and children.

2. People with severe skin burns and ulcers should not use it. People with severe skin injuries should consult a professional doctor in time and take medicine under the guidance of the doctor.

3. It can’t be used by people allergic to essential balm. If it is used by people allergic to skin, it will only aggravate the symptoms.

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