What’s the difference between Kuding tea and Pu’er tea

when it comes to Kuding tea and Pu’er tea, most people don’t know the difference. This is mainly because they don’t understand Kuding tea and Pu’er tea. When it comes to Kuding tea, many people have never drunk it. In fact, the so-called Kuding tea is a kind of pure natural health tea, which has certain effect in health preservation; And Pu’er tea should be no stranger to everyone, because there are many opportunities to drink Pu’er in our life.

in fact, there are many health tea products in our real life. With the increasing improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more and more attention to health preservation. There are many ways to keep in good health, and dietotherapy is the best way to keep in good health without side effects, and health tea is also a way of dietotherapy. However, let’s first understand the difference between Kuding tea and Pu’er tea.

Kuding tea tastes sweet and cool, produces saliva and quenches thirst, first bitter and then sweet, with a long aftertaste, while Pu’er tea is mellow and fragrant, with a long aftertaste. The tastes of Kuding tea and Pu’er tea are so similar that many friends can’t distinguish them. In fact, as long as you taste them carefully, you can find the differences between Kuding tea and Pu’er tea.

although the taste of Kuding tea is very similar to that of Pu’er tea, their effects are far different. Because Kuding tea is very cold, not everyone can drink it casually. Pu’er tea is good, but it is not suitable for women to drink in several special periods, so we must pay attention to distinguish when drinking.

Ilex Kudingcha has good medicinal effect in traditional Chinese medicine. It has the functions of dispersing wind heat, clearing head and eliminating thirst. It can be used to treat headache, toothache, red eyes, fever, thirst, dysentery, etc. Modern pharmacological studies have proved that Ilex Kudingcha not only contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins, zinc, manganese, rubidium and other trace elements necessary for human body, but also has the functions of lowering blood lipid, increasing coronary artery blood flow, increasing myocardial blood supply, anti atherosclerosis and so on. It has good preventive and therapeutic effects on dizziness, headache, chest tightness, fatigue, insomnia and other symptoms of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, Therefore, it is favored by the elderly.

although Ilex Kudingcha has so many curative effects, there are also many people who are promoted. For example, winter is the season of high incidence of cold. For people suffering from cold, drinking Ilex Kudingcha will hinder the spread of cold and is not conducive to the cure of cold. Therefore, during this period, do not drink Ilex Kudingcha. In addition, friends with chronic gastroenteritis should not drink Kuding tea, because most patients with chronic gastroenteritis have different degrees of spleen and stomach deficiency cold, once the abdomen is cold or eat cold food, prone to abdominal pain, diarrhea and other discomfort, Kuding tea will aggravate these symptoms.

Pu’er tea, which is popular among people, is the best of tea. It is the holy product of warming stomach, reducing fat, nourishing qi, prolonging life and tasting tea. Moreover, Pu’er tea has the effects of reducing blood fat, weight, blood pressure and anti arteriosclerosis. If you drink the Pu’er tea residue by hot compress on the eyes for a few minutes, long-term adherence, and the role of eyesight. Especially in the long-term face of computer monitors, such as Internet users, white-collar workers, because Pu’er tea has anti radiation effect, so this move is particularly effective. Pu’er tea can regulate metabolism, promote blood circulation, regulate the human body, and naturally balance the body function, so it has the effect of beauty, and is called “beauty tea” overseas. Recently, Dr. Emile karobi, director of clinical teaching at Saint Antoine Medical College in Paris, France, used Yunnan Pu’er Tuo tea for clinical trial, which proved that “Yunnan Pu’er tea has a good effect on reducing lipid content and cholesterol content”. So many female friends are drinking Pu’er tea to lose weight, because it is not only non-toxic side effects, but also does not rebound. In Hong Kong, Guangdong and other places, people also affectionately call Pu’er tea “weight loss tea”, “health tea” and so on. It can be seen that people love Pu’er tea.

Pu’er tea can be drunk in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and it is a good product for all ages. Because it is popular tea, there is basically no taboo. However, like other teas, it is not suitable for women to drink more in special periods, such as menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. There are no taboos in other periods, so you can drink it safely.

some people suddenly want to drink Kuding tea and Pu’er tea together. Here, I have a small suggestion. It’s better not to drink Kuding tea and Pu’er tea together, because Kuding tea has a prominent flavor. If you brew with it, it is likely to change the aroma of Pu’er, make the tea taste bad, and affect the taste of tea tasters! So it’s better to drink separately.

Kuding tea and Pu’er tea have their own advantages in terms of efficacy. Each tea has its own unique side. Kuding tea and Pu’er tea are also good teas loved by people.

I believe that through the detailed introduction of Kuding tea and Pu’er tea in the above article, we should have known the difference between Kuding tea and Pu’er tea. In fact, for those who have just tasted Kuding tea and Pu’er tea, the difference between Kuding tea and Pu’er tea will not be distinguished, because the taste of these two kinds of tea is very similar. But in fact, if you taste it carefully, you will find the difference. But in fact, Kuding tea and Pu’er tea are good for human body, so we can drink them often.

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