What’s the effect of soaking wolfberry in water

What’s the effect of soaking wolfberry in water

what’s the effect of soaking wolfberry in water

nowadays, people are always used to throw a handful of wolfberry into a tea cup, and then brew it with boiling water. They think it can play the role of eyesight, kidney and vitamin supplement. But is it really effective to drink medlar in water like this?

Lycium barbarum is rich in a variety of trace elements and vitamins, which can nourish yin and enhance immunity. However, most of the vitamins in Lycium barbarum are water-soluble and easy to be destroyed by heat. If you want to use wolfberry to supplement vitamins, it’s best to soak dried wolfberry in warm water, or sprinkle a handful of dried wolfberry on vegetables and porridge to make ingredients, so as to minimize the loss of vitamins.

Lycium barbarum is good for eyes because it is rich in carotene, vitamins, calcium, iron and other nutrients, commonly known as & lt; Mingyanzi;, People with weak constitution and poor resistance can eat more.

but wolfberry warm body effect is strong, some suffering from cold, fever, inflammation, diarrhea, it is best not to eat. In addition, Lycium barbarum also has & lt; Shelf life;, The deteriorated wolfberry can’t be eaten any more.

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