What’s the harm of barbecue? How to eat barbecue in summer?

many people like to eat barbecue. They eat it outdoors in summer and indoors in winter. When they hear barbecue, they make a sound of oil, smell smoke and salivate. However, barbecue is not good for health. So, what are the hazards of barbecue? What are the precautions for barbecue in summer? How to eat barbecue to be healthy? Come and get to know with me!

What harm does barbecue have

1. If you eat too much barbecue food, it is easy to be infected with parasites.

barbecue food is charred outside and tender inside. Some meat is not yet cooked inside, or even raw meat. If the uncooked raw meat is unqualified, such as & lt; Rice and pork;, Food may be infected with parasites, laying a hidden danger of cerebral cysticercosis.

2. Eating too much barbecue will stimulate the stomach.

after barbecue, the nature of the food tends to be hot and dry. In addition, the use of a variety of condiments, such as cumin, pepper, pepper and so on, are hot ingredients. They are very pungent. They will greatly stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis and secretion of digestive juice, which may damage the gastrointestinal mucosa and affect the balance of the constitution, It’s amazing; Get angry;.

3, too much barbecue reduced the utilization rate of protein

in the process of barbecue food, there will be & quot; Maillard reaction;. When meat is barbecued in the oven, it gives off an attractive aroma. However, with the aroma, vitamins are destroyed, proteins are denatured, and amino acids are also destroyed, which seriously affects the intake of vitamins, proteins and amino acids. Therefore, long-term consumption of barbecue food will affect the utilization of the above substances.

4, barbecue eat too much may cause cancer

nucleic acid in meat in Maillard reaction, with most of the amino acids in heating decomposition produce gene mutation material, these gene mutation material may cause cancer. In addition, in the barbecue environment, there will be some carcinogens through the skin, respiratory tract, digestive tract and other ways into the human body and induce cancer.

5, eating too much barbecue increases the risk of disease

eating too much cooked, smoked too much protein food, such as roasted mutton kebab, grilled fish kebab, will seriously affect the vision of young people, leading to myopia. Women often eat fried egg meat will increase the risk of ovarian cancer and breast cancer, such as eating once every two days, 3 times more than once a week, which is 5 times higher than that of 1 months.


Precautions for barbecue in summer. Because most of the roadside barbecues do not have fresh-keeping and freezing equipment, the food is more likely to deteriorate, and the roadside stalls in the process of barbecue food, the items used are not hygienic.

according to the introduction, the barbecue process will occur & lt; Maillard reaction;, It can seriously affect the intake of vitamins, protein and amino acids. Meat is roasted directly under high temperature. The thermal polymerization reaction of fat coking and protein in meat will produce carcinogens. If you eat it often, it will accumulate in the body, which may induce gastric cancer and colon cancer. If you eat raw meat that is not baked, you may also be infected with parasitic diseases.

vegetables and fruits should not be roasted

green lettuce, long leeks, crisp and sweet apple slices & hellip& hellip; It’s like any kind of fruit or vegetable can be roasted. But in fact, crisp and tender vegetables, because they are baked on charcoal fire, it is difficult to master the heating time. Once a little longer, they are easy to scorch, which may be more likely to produce carcinogens than meat. Moreover, the nutritional value of vegetables and fruits is largely reflected in the rich vitamins, but it will be damaged by excessive heating.

beer doesn’t eat with barbecue.

beer is cool and refreshing. It contains a variety of essential amino acids and rich vitamins. It is deeply loved by people. However, when drinking some of the precautions often can not attract people’s attention, such as eating kebabs when drinking beer, it is not appropriate; There are organic amines, polycyclic hydrocarbons, benzopyrene and amino acid derivatives in smoked food. When the blood lead content increases due to excessive drinking, the above substances can combine with it, which can induce digestive tract diseases and even tumors.

barbecue with vegetable rolls

with raw green leafy vegetables wrapped barbecue to eat, can greatly reduce the toxicity of carcinogens. Or use Brassica oleracea, broccoli, cauliflower and other cruciferous mixed with cold dishes, is to accelerate the discharge of carcinogens; Detoxifying enzyme;. It’s better to eat barbecue with barley tea or green tea. It’s better to be warm. It can relieve greasiness, protect intestines and stomach, and avoid alternating cold and hot stimulation. It’s best not to brush sauce while baking, so as not to take in too much salt. Meat can be salted first and then roasted, or the barbecue sauce can be diluted with water and then smeared on the ingredients.

eat more fresh raw vegetables,

fresh raw vegetables and fermented food, and eat with barbecue, in order to get as much antioxidant and anticancer ingredients as possible, and dietary fiber to promote the emission of carcinogens. Barbecue and beer; Recipes & quot; You can change it. Put down your beer and drink barley tea and juice instead.

try not to eat open fire barbecue

iron plate barbecue food with less oil smoke and less carcinogens. Barbecue sauce helps to reduce carcinogens. Relevant studies have pointed out that the production of carcinogens can be greatly reduced by soaking or smearing with barbecue sauce. The starch, sugar and other ingredients in the barbecue sauce absorb heat first when heated, which can protect the meat in the middle from sudden high temperature. In order to keep the color and state of sauce beautiful, diners will also pay more attention not to overheat, thus reducing the chance of carcinogens.

seafood roast longer

carbon roast raw consumption, roast scallop is currently the most popular seafood barbecue, but the most unsafe place is & lt; Cooked outside and cooked inside;. There are Vibrio parahaemolyticus and other pathogenic bacteria in seafood, which have strong heat resistance and can be killed above 80 ℃. Generally, cooking seafood is the safest. If you have to eat grilled seafood, you should try to cook it for a long time. It’s best to eat with garlic and mustard, which has bactericidal effect.

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