What’s the harm of black tea fungus?

black tea fungus tea has always been considered as a tea drink containing a variety of natural nutrients, and its practice is quite simple. In fact, it’s tea water with white sugar and black tea fungus strains. After fermentation, we can make our praise of black tea fungus! It can be used not only in health care, but also in the prevention and treatment of various diseases. But even so, some people are worried about its side effects and want to know the harm of Kombucha.

what are the hazards of Kombucha? In fact, Kombucha is a nutritious beverage, no side effects, so there will be no harm. But some new drinkers will have some side effects after taking Kombucha, such as excitement, insomnia, stomach acid, mild diarrhea, itchy skin and so on. If you can insist on drinking, most of the symptoms will disappear, but also help to strengthen the body.

the biofilm of Kombucha is similar to the skin of jellyfish, so it is called “Haibao”; Because Kombucha can help digestion and treat a variety of stomach diseases, it is called “Weibao” in some places; Kombucha is also known as “Kombucha”, because Kombucha is made from red tea and white sugar and contains yeast, acetic acid bacteria and lactic acid bacteria.

the black tea black fungus has been used in China for more than 150 years. In recent years, the practice of applying black tea fungus in medical circles at home and abroad shows that black tea fungus can treat many chronic diseases, such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, diabetes, constipation, hemorrhoids, obesity, spotted baldness, white hair, cataract, rheumatoid arthritis, gastritis, dysentery, anemia, Riboflavin deficiency, etc. But people must realize that Kombucha is not a panacea, Kombucha is only a kind of nutritional beverage after all.

some people will ask, does Kombucha really have such a great effect? What is its pharmacological effect? According to Dr. Sakamoto’s research on the entity of Kombucha, it is found that there are three kinds of microorganisms beneficial to human body: acetic acid bacteria, lactic acid bacteria and yeast. Yeast is beneficial to human body because it can make full use of nutrition, promote metabolism, inhibit and kill intestinal bacteria, etc. Lactic acid bacteria can inhibit and kill intestinal bacteria, anti-virus and anti-cancer. In addition, the yeast cell wall membrane produces a substance “bgulu4”, which is currently considered as a promising anticancer drug.

cancer, the natural enemy of human longevity, actually has an incubation period. If we can exercise well and have a good diet during the incubation period, it can actually help to prevent and treat it. For example, the red fungus tea, which helps to eliminate toxins, promote the appreciation of the new and the old, and enhance the physique, is a very good choice. In fact, the harm of black fungus tea is groundless, the key is how we use it.

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