What’s the harm of coke?

many people like to drink coke after exercise. Although they get a temporary pleasure, they do great harm to their health. In fact, many people don’t know what happens when they drink coke regularly. Regular drinking of coke is harmful and easy to be addicted, which greatly affects your health. This article summarizes the harm of drinking coke and some ideas.

drinking coke is easy to lead to low blood potassium, the body is easy to become weak, and there may be a variety of dental diseases, bone softening phenomenon and so on. It can be seen that drinking coke often is harmful to health. Now let’s take you to know in detail what are the disadvantages of drinking coke.

1 and cola can induce hypertension. After the study, it was found that women who drank more than three cups of coffee a day had an average hypertension rate of 7% – 12% lower than those who drank less than three cups of coffee or did not drink coffee a day. However, those who drank more than 4 cans of cola a day had a higher rate of hypertension by 28% – 44% than those who drank less or no cola.

the disadvantage of drinking coke is not the type of coke you drink. Even if you drink low sugar coke, it will increase the risk of hypertension, but the risk will be slightly reduced. This shows that caffeine does not cause blood pressure rise, and some chemicals in cola, such as sodium, will make blood pressure rise.

2, drinking coke is easy to addict. Coke contains caffeine and is addictive to drinking for a long time.

3 and cola can cause reproductive problems. Plastic bottles of coke may contain bisphenol A. This substance can damage the endocrine system, resulting in precocious puberty and abnormal reproduction.

4. Drink too much Coke and hurt your teeth. Coke also contains caffeine, it also has the role of decalcification, so if you drink coke for a long time, it also has certain harm to teeth. Coke contains phosphoric acid and carbonic acid formed after carbon dioxide dissolving, which has a certain corrosive effect on enamel.

5 and cola can lead to obesity. There is no doubt about this. Coke can lead to obesity, which is also one of the disadvantages of drinking coke. Because Coke contains a lot of sugar, and these sugar absorption speed is very fast, easy to cause excessive calorie intake, if often drink it will lead to obesity. Therefore, experts suggest that women who want to be slim must drink less coke, or do not drink coke in their daily life, which will play a great role in keeping your figure.

6 and coke can cause Teratosis or stillbirth. Coke contains high content of caffeine, caffeine in the body will endanger the brain, heart and other organs of the fetus, also cause fetal malformations or congenital diseases. Experts warn that pregnant women during pregnancy should firmly resist coke, so as not to lead to fetal death.

7, cola can cause osteoporosis. Coke drinkers are five times more likely to have a fracture than those who don’t drink soda. The phosphoric acid in cola may be the cause of the increase of fracture rate, because a large amount of phosphorus will affect the absorption of calcium. The caffeine in Cola also has the effect of decalcification. A university study found that if women drink coke for a long time, it will reduce bone density and increase the risk of osteoporosis.

8. Coke can dissolve iron nails. Some people have done experiments, put iron nails into cola, iron nails will gradually dissolve. Phosphoric acid in coke is a strong acid, even after dilution, there is a certain acidity. Although Coke will not dissolve our stomach, it will still bring a certain burden to the stomach. People with gastric ulcer had better not drink it.

9, drinking too much coke is easy to get esophageal cancer. Indian doctors found that the incidence of esophageal cancer is relatively high in people who consume a lot of carbonated beverages such as coke. Researchers speculate that the pressure of carbon dioxide may cause gastric acid reflux into the esophagus, thus stimulating the esophagus and inducing esophageal cancer, but there is no sufficient research evidence for this explanation. However, it is certain that people with gastrointestinal diseases and gastrointestinal dysfunction should strictly control inflatable drinks.

10, cola can cause asthma. The preservative sodium benzoate in coke can cause skin rashes, asthma and other reactions in some people.

11, coke can cause kidney stones. A lot of phosphoric acid in coke can cause kidney stones. Obese men are at greater risk for kidney stones.

we need to remind you that sugar and caffeine in cola are the causes of hypokalemia. People who often drink coke can get a rapid and comprehensive recovery after stopping drinking coke and taking potassium supplements. In our daily life, we should not rely too much on such a drink, to ensure their physical and mental health, drink more milk.

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