What’s the harm of eating saccharin jujube

what’s the harm of eating saccharin jujube

saccharin jujube is to choose some jujubes that are not so good in appearance or taste, and add saccharin sodium, sodium cyclamate and other additives on the original basis, which will make the color of jujube very red and attractive, Adding sugar element to jujube will increase sweetness, remove the original sour taste, processed saccharin jujube will be red and sweet, taste better. However, if you eat a lot of saccharin jujube, it will affect the liver and kidney of people, because eating too much saccharin sodium for a short time will increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, it is recommended to go to the regular supermarket when buying jujube, which has a certain guarantee for health. So what’s the harm of eating saccharin jujube? The sweetness of

1 and saccharin was 450 times higher than that of sucrose. Saccharin is not good for human body, because saccharin is a food additive. When saccharin is added to jujube, it will add sweetness to taste, without any nutritional value, and lose the original vitamin of fruit.

2, long-term consumption of saccharin jujube will affect the absorption capacity of small intestine, resulting in decreased appetite, even abnormal excretion, and even thrombocytopenia.

3. If you eat a large amount of saccharin jujube, it will affect the digestion of intestines and stomach, and disturb the normal secretion system, because the excessive saccharin will damage the liver and kidney, which has great potential harm to the human body. In serious cases, it will lead to cancer.

how to keep jujube

1? Generally, it is OK to keep jujube in natural temperature, but the fresh-keeping period can only last about one week. The best way to keep jujube is to refrigerate. Before putting it into the refrigerator, it is best to seal jujube with fresh-keeping bag, and then set the temperature of ice box at about 1 ℃, This temperature can keep the date fresh without frostbite.

2. If you don’t have a friend in the fridge at home, you can choose to pickle and preserve dates. First of all, wash the fresh jujube, dry body without water, and then marinate with sugar, put the fresh jujube into the bottle. This can make the fresh jujube not easy to deteriorate in the process of preservation.

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