What’s the latest time to have a healthy dinner? Six principles should be mastered to have a healthy dinner:

what time do you usually have dinner?

is it six or seven in the evening or eight or nine in the evening? Or later?

for most people, breakfast and lunch can only be regarded as & lt; Deal with;, Only dinner will slow down. As a result, dinner is getting later and later, more and more abundant. As a result, they eat too much at night, sleep too late, get up too late the next day, eat bad breakfast, and even have no time to eat breakfast. As a result, the vicious circle, the body is getting worse and worse.

Scientists have found that: one of the causes of many diseases comes from the bad eating habits at night. If you don’t eat dinner, you can’t lose weight well. If you eat wrong dinner, many diseases will quietly target you. Next, let’s have a look with you. What’s the latest time for dinner? How to eat dinner healthily. Most office workers make do with their breakfast and lunch outside. In the evening, people usually have a good meal. But in fact, breakfast and lunch have a direct impact on people’s daytime state, too much emphasis on dinner is not healthy.

2, eat too late

modern people work pressure is relatively large, because of overtime, traffic jams and other reasons, home is relatively late, most people eat dinner late and irregular, over time will bring burden to the gastrointestinal tract, easy to develop into stomach disease.

3 Eating too much, too oil and too hot

because of the importance of dinner, many people will prepare a rich dinner. Eating too much, too oil and too hot is not conducive to health. This kind of inverted eating habit, Will bring a variety of chronic diseases.

4, dining out, excessive drinking

, office workers have more social intercourse, because lunch time is very short, it is difficult to free up social intercourse time, so they have to arrange dinner time; There are also some young people who live alone, can’t cook or don’t bother to cook at home, and often eat out.

If you eat out for a long time, the intake of salt and oil is easy to exceed the standard, and you are also prone to excessive drinking in social activities. After a long time, it will cause abnormal blood pressure and blood lipid levels, and cause continuous damage to the inner wall of blood vessels.

eating too late for dinner has a great impact on the body. Stomach diseases, diabetes, coronary heart disease and sleep disorders are all related to the late supper. So how to eat a healthy dinner?

Six principles of healthy dinner:

1, dinner time

, the recommended time for dinner is 17:00-19:00, and try to keep regular.

gastrointestinal emptying time is more than 4 hours. According to the best bedtime at 10 p.m., it’s better to eat at about 6 p.m., and not later than 7 p.m. If you have to eat too late, don’t go to bed immediately, and go to sleep after an interval of at least 2 hours.

even if office workers can’t guarantee to eat on time every day, they’d better eat biscuits and snacks when working overtime to avoid eating too much dinner.

2, maintain the nutrition of dinner

, ensure the diversity of food, pay attention to nutrition collocation.

eat more vegetables and coarse grains, so as to intake more dietary fiber, increase gastrointestinal motility, help digestion. Avoid greasy and spicy food.

3, don’t eat too full

the metabolism speed of human organs at night is only half of that in the daytime, so it’s enough to be full seven minutes.

the type of food for dinner should also be emphasized. It is suggested to eat more foods with high calcium content, such as bean products, milk, etc. Calcium can calm the nerves and improve sleep quality.

4 Don’t be half hearted when eating

talking, watching TV and playing with mobile phones will distract the attention of eating, affect the secretion of chewing and digestive juice, and increase the burden on the stomach.

5, can’t do without dinner

some friends in order to lose weight, will choose not to eat dinner, this diet is not fat, is your health.

if you want to lose weight effectively and healthily, you can change your dinner to fruit, so you can stay away from greasy meals, but remember to eat breakfast and lunch according to normal diet.

6, take a walk after dinner

after eating, try to do some stretching exercise, knead the abdomen, walk in the room or take a walk outside, which is more conducive to digestion.

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