What’s the life magic of orange peel?

What’s the life magic of orange peel?

what is the life magic of orange peel?

in fact, the effect of orange peel is not small, external beauty, internal health care, and can solve some problems in our life.

1 and Tangerine Peel Decoction can cure constipation and relieve alcohol;

2. Baking orange peel and grinding it into powder, then adjusting it with vegetable oil can cure chilblain;

3, orange peel and licorice decoction can be used to treat breast cancer.

4, orange peel anti carsickness;

5, orange peel soaking in water as tea can treat chronic bronchitis;

6 and orange peel can cure halitosis;

7, orange peel and ginger slices can be decocted with water, and their decoction can treat stomach cold and vomiting;

8 and Orange Peel Decoction can alleviate the poisoning after eating fish and crab;

9, orange peel regulating qi and reducing distension, refreshing and appetizing, helping digestion, generating fluid and moistening throat, clearing lung and resolving phlegm, treating cold, cough, sleeping and grinding teeth, etc;

10. Soak orange peel in hot water and wash your hair with it. Your hair will be smooth and soft, just as if you use high-quality conditioner;

11. Wash and dry the orange peel, press it into powder and store it in a glass bottle. Put a little bit when cooking and making soup, which can add flavor and fragrance; When making steamed bread, put a little into the flour, the steamed bread is fragrant; Boil porridge when put a little, porridge has an orange fragrance, can also play an appetizer role; When cooking meat or spareribs, add a few pieces of orange peel, the taste is delicious and will not feel greasy; When steaming fish, add some orange peel to remove fishy smell;

12. In summer, dry orange peel can be ignited to drive away mosquitoes and flies;

13. People who like to grow flowers can soak orange peel in water and add it to pot soil for fertilizer. There is no bad smell and the fertilizer effect is very long;

14, orange peel in the refrigerator can clear the smell;

15. People who like to keep pets can soak orange peel in water and smear it on their pets to remove fleas and lice.

external beauty efficacy of orange peel

1. Put a little orange peel into hot water, wash face and body with orange peel water, which can moisturize and treat rough skin, and make skin white and tender.

2. Mash the orange peel, immerse it in medical alcohol, add appropriate amount of honey, and take it out for use after one week. It has the effect of lubricating skin and removing wrinkles.

3. Gently wipe the skin with oranges to make the skin smooth and remove the trouble of peeling.

orange peel water bath can not only beautify the skin and make the body warm, but also eliminate fatigue, prevent dry skin, promote blood circulation and smooth metabolism. It also has good effect on the early stage of cold, neuralgia and cold deficiency. In addition, because the orange peel contains a lot of fruit acid, can play a role in softening the cuticle, so it can also make the skin maintain a certain degree of elasticity.

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