What’s the magic of fruit skin in life

what’s the magic of fruit skin in life.

2, wipe to eliminate fatigue

apple skin wrapped with gauze or put into the net bag, put in the bath, or directly wipe the skin with apple skin, can eliminate fatigue and physical and mental pressure.

3, remove dirt

put the apple peel into the iron pot, add water to boil for 5-10 minutes, and then wipe the iron pot with a cloth, the pot dirt can be easily removed; Mash the apple peel into mud, dip it in the cloth and wipe the bathtub, basin, toilet, etc. to make it as bright as ever.

2, orange peel

1, anti carsickness

fresh orange peel folded into a double layer, against the nostrils squeeze, let juice into the nostrils, before the car an hour or every other period of time can be very good to prevent carsickness.

2, moisturizing

put a little orange peel into the washbasin or bathtub, and soak it in hot water to wash the face and body. It can moisturize the skin and prevent rough skin.

3, remove odor

kitchen, refrigerator, garbage can, car, where to put fragrance; Put the orange peel in the microwave oven and heat it over low heat for 1 to 2 minutes to remove the flavor. Be careful not to scorch the skin; Put some orange peel in the flowerpot, which can not only be used as fertilizer, but also remove peculiar smell; When steaming fish, put some orange peel to remove fishy smell; When it is inconvenient to brush teeth, it contains a little orange peel, which can eliminate halitosis.

4, decontamination

. The decontamination effect is especially good when the orange peel is dipped in salt to wipe the oil stains on the ceramic utensils; Wipe the greasy spots on the clothes with orange peel, and then rinse with clean water to make the clothes look brand new.

5, anti bite

before going to bed with a piece of orange peel, containing 15 minutes later spit out, can prevent sleep bite. Three, pomelo peel

1, made of mosquito repellent incense

thick white part, cut into strips after drying, has the function of ventilation and drying. The sun dried pomelo peel is ignited to have the effect of mosquito repellent incense. Remember, don’t wear skin. It won’t light.

2, insect proof

put the white part in the ventilation place to dry, and then dry the water. Keep it in a bag with small holes and put it in the corner of the wardrobe or in a rice bucket to prevent insects.

3, bath beauty

boil grapefruit peel with water, extract grapefruit oil into the bathtub, or directly throw grapefruit peel into the bathtub. Grapefruit oil can beautify, effectively eliminate one day’s fatigue and relieve nerves.

4, deodorization

put the pomelo peel in the room to dispel the foul smell; Put it in the refrigerator, you can remove the refrigerator odor. 4. Banana peel

1, decontamination

. Wiping leather shoes, fur coats and sofa with banana peel can keep the luster of leather products and prolong their service life; Rub the rusty part of the silverware with the inside of the banana peel, and it will take on a new look immediately.

2, cosmetology

, stick the inside of banana peel on the face for 10 minutes, and then wash it with water to make the skin moist and smooth; Using the inner side of banana peel to rub on the hand can prevent the skin cracking of hands and feet.

3, ripening

put the banana peel together with the ripening fruit, you can quickly eat the ripening fruit, such as mango, kiwi fruit, etc. Remove the oil from the iron pot. Put the leftover pear skin into the pot. Add water and boil it for a while. The oil and dirt will be cleaned easily.

2, Zhike

, wash and chop pear peel, add rock sugar to stew in water to treat cough. 6. Watermelon peel

1, beauty

. Smash watermelon peel, wrap it with gauze, and gently wipe the skin. It has the functions of nourishing, rejuvenating, beautifying and preventing furuncle. If you are lazy, direct wiping also has a good effect.

2, repair after sunburn

cut watermelon skin into small slices, apply on sunburned skin, and replace it every 5 ~ 10 minutes. If the sunburn is serious, put watermelon skin into the refrigerator first, and then apply ice. If you persist for about a week, the effect of treating sunburn is obvious.

3, antipruritic

use watermelon peel to wipe mosquito bites repeatedly to stop itching.

7, grape skin

feet: feet when put in hot water grapefruit peel can promote blood circulation, help the body sweat. Often with grapefruit skin feet can also play the role of weight loss.

8. Pineapple peel

1. Wipe the bottom of the pot with pineapple peel and the black dirt will disappear;

2. Put the stainless steel pot that needs to be cleaned into a big pot, put some pineapple peel in it, add water and boil it. After 20 minutes, the black dirt will disappear gradually;

3, pineapple peel boiling water, used to wash dishes, cleaning effect is also good.

9. Kiwifruit skin

beauty: massage the inside of kiwifruit skin after face washing, which can improve the pores, whiten the skin and reduce the black spots.

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