What’s the matter with the blue light of pork at night? How to choose the right pork

with these questions, let’s take a look at the experts’ answers. Experts believe that this kind of pork with blue light is caused by bacterial infection. Seeing this conclusion, we can conclude that this kind of pork must not be eaten. Another explanation is that the phosphorus content in pig feed exceeds the standard, which leads to the blue light of pork. No matter what the reason is, there must be something wrong with the blue light of pork. This kind of pork must not be eaten.

what details should we pay attention to in daily selection of pork?

1, buy pork must go to regular supermarkets and shopping malls , do not buy in some street beds.

2. When you buy pork, you must smell it. can ask the boss for a plastic bag, cover it with a bag, take the pork you want to buy to the front of your nose, smell it carefully, and make sure there is no peculiar smell.

3. Use the method of pressing to identify whether it is fresh or not. press the surface of pork by hand. If it can pop up quickly, it means that the pork is fresh. If it can’t pop up for half a day, don’t buy it.

4. Determine the freshness of pork by hand. touch the surface of the meat. If the surface is slightly dry or wet, the meat is not sticky; The meat has a fresh and glossy surface, and has a natural aroma, full of elasticity. It is red and white, with uniform color, slightly dry or wet appearance, and does not stick to hands.

5, pork if not fresh will have the following performance: meat surface dry or extremely wet, no luster, no elasticity, white and yellow. The color is dim, the depression after pressing is not easy to recover, you can smell the odor, and if it is slaughtered after death, the meat is dark red, there are purplish spots, and there are purplish red blood stasis in the blood vessels.

6. pork skin without any spots is healthy pork.

observe the lymph nodes of pork: the size and number of lymph nodes of healthy and normal pork should be normal, and the color of lymph node cross section should be light yellow or gray. If you find that the lymph nodes of pork become larger or the color is abnormal, do not buy this kind of pork. It may also be sick pork.

pork, after all, is the most common meat on people’s table, and it is also the source of indispensable nutrients in people’s diet, because the nutrition of pork is very comprehensive, rich in protein and fat, and also contains carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, riboflavin and nicotinic acid. We all know that pork has fat and lean, lean pork means higher protein content, while fat pork has higher fat content. Therefore, eating more lean pork in the daily diet is helpful to health. Eating lean pork can increase hemoglobin, supplement iron to the body and prevent anemia. It is because pork is a very important food, so we must be very careful when choosing pork. We can identify it through the above methods to buy safe and good pork.

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