What’s the milk smell of soybean milk

What’s the milk smell of soybean milk

what’s the milk smell of soybean milk

my friend complained to me that the soybean milk I bought recently was not as good as before. It didn’t have any bean flavor. On the contrary, it had milk flavor and sweet taste. I told him that nine times out of ten, I would buy the fake soymilk with refined soymilk. It doesn’t matter if soybean milk is refined or soybeans, it contains only flavor, thickener, sugar or sweetener.

Therefore, simply mixing soybean milk essence into hot water can’t produce fake soybean milk. Unscrupulous businessmen usually use soymilk essence to increase the yield of soymilk. The flavor of soybean milk essence comes from vanillin. If you eat too much, you will have nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, and it will damage the liver and kidney after a long time.

consumers should pay attention to the following two points when buying soymilk:

one is to see the color, do not buy gray. Good soya bean milk is milky white or light yellow, and the color of soya bean milk made with soya bean milk essence should be lighter.

two is taste, don’t buy milk flavor. Fresh soymilk has bean flavor and beany smell, but the flavor of soymilk mixed with soymilk essence is very weak, and some can even taste the milk flavor, because the vanillin in soymilk essence sends out the milk flavor.

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