What’s the most nutritious diet during the college entrance examination

what’s the most nutritious diet during the college entrance examination

breakfast: be sure to eat

in a day’s diet, breakfast is the most important. Examinee breakfast must eat well, must not be fasting, otherwise prone to hypoglycemia syncope phenomenon. Because after getting up in the morning, the cerebral cortex is still in a state of inhibition. Many children have poor appetite and eat less. It is better for candidates to eat small, high-quality, high calorie, hunger resistant and easy to digest and absorb food for breakfast, such as eggs, milk, bread, cake, porridge, soybean milk, poached eggs, ham sausage and so on.

lunch: eat well, eat well.

lunch is the main meal of a student’s day. After a morning’s brain use, the examinee’s body consumes a lot of calories and nutrients. Therefore, the examinee must eat well, and take in enough calories and nutrients. Candidates can eat some meat, bean products, eggs, tomatoes and other high energy food at noon to provide sufficient energy preparation for the afternoon study. In addition, for some families with good conditions, you can also buy salmon, pomfret and other fish food, which are not only rich in high-quality protein, but also rich in calcium, iron, DHA and other nutrients; It’s OK for families to buy hairtail and shrimp.

dinner: appropriate light

because after dinner, most candidates’ energy consumption is small, therefore, dinner can be appropriate light. Candidates can eat dry rice or millet porridge, jujube porridge, etc. as the staple food, non-staple food is mainly fish and bean products, and can also add some beans, beef, vegetables, etc. These foods are easy to digest and meet the needs of candidates.

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