What’s the quickest and best way to abstain from alcohol?

I believe everyone uses different methods, but the most important thing is our willpower. If we don’t control our desire to drink, we can’t achieve the effect of abstaining from alcohol. If we want to quit drinking, we can use western medicine treatment or hospital closed treatment, which can better control our desire to drink. I hope you can try these methods.

as soon as the festival comes, the number of people who drink will increase sharply. If we don’t stop drinking at this time, it’s easy to delay things because we drink too much. Abstinence experts suggest that we should arrange our work well before drinking, and drink as little as possible, so as to minimize the harm of alcohol to the body.

treatment methods are as follows: family members found that patients with alcohol dependence characteristics, and even serious disease, more use the following four methods of treatment:

1, personal compulsory treatment mainly rely on personal will to quit drinking. In order to get rid of alcohol disease successfully, this method requires the patient’s strong willpower, and the patient is willing to cooperate with the abstinence, provided that the drinking history is generally not more than three years, and the daily alcohol intake is & lt; 200 ml (but this method is ineffective for those who are depressed, have serious complications and have alcoholism mental disorder).

2. The long-term closed hospital treatment was mostly used in the closed hospital treatment, which was controlled by the medical staff. But the disadvantages are: drinking immediately after discharge, high treatment costs, easy to form new mental disorders.

3, western medicine doctors often use sulfur, sedative and sleeping drugs for adjuvant treatment. But we need to remind that: because of the side effects of Western medicine, it must be used under the guidance of professional doctors, and patients should take the initiative to cooperate, otherwise it will delay the treatment of alcohol dependence, and it is easier to form drug dependence.

4. The so-called “prescription for abstinence” often appears on the Internet as follows: (1) making wine with sparrow excrement; (2) making wine with rice eel; (3) making wine with rat’s head; (4) making wine with kudzu flower. But in the process of our treatment, many patients after trying, there is no effect of abstinence, so remind friends to avoid detours.

abstinence is of great help to our health, because alcohol is very harmful to the heart, so for friends who drink a lot, you should learn to abstinence. The quickest and best way to stop drinking is to control your willpower, try not to touch alcohol, or close yourself up.

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