What’s the reaction of drinking beer with monosodium glutamate

what’s the reaction of drinking beer with monosodium glutamate

beer is the oldest alcoholic beverage of human beings and the third largest consumption in the world after water and tea. Beer with malt, hops, water as the main raw materials, fermented by yeast, is a low alcohol alcohol full of carbon dioxide. Now most of the beer in the world are added with auxiliary raw materials. Some countries stipulate that the total amount of auxiliary raw materials should not exceed 50% of malt.

monosodium glutamate is a kind of seasoning, the main component is sodium glutamate. The main function of monosodium glutamate is to increase the taste of food. It is most used in Chinese dishes, and can also be used in soups and sauces.

. When monosodium glutamate is added to beer, chemical reaction between carbon dioxide and sodium glutamate occurs, resulting in the increase of alcohol content in beer.

it is said on the Internet that beer and monosodium glutamate can have stimulant effect. But is it really the case?

in fact, it is said that when drinking beer, adding some monosodium glutamate can make people excited. In fact, this is a kind of misinformation. After drinking the beer with monosodium glutamate, there will be no exaggeration on the Internet, but it is not recommended for the public to drink it.

after adding monosodium glutamate to beer, the nature of beer will change, which will make the population dry, but there will be no strange excitement, and the reason is still very clear. It depends on how much people drink, the body generally will not have abnormal changes.

after drinking a small amount of beer and monosodium glutamate, normal people have no problem. If they drink too much, they will get drunk. Now the degree of beer is higher than a few years ago. After drinking too much, it increases the absorption capacity of the stomach and makes people easy to get drunk.

who is this way of drinking beer with monosodium glutamate; Invention & quot; I don’t know who is responsible for the exaggerated consequences of the mixture of the two. Although it’s not true, we should still tell our friends who like to pursue the stimulation of drinking to use the conventional method of moderate drinking.

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