What’s the reason for good protein?

protein is very important to our health. If the protein content in your body is relatively low, it may be because your body’s ability to absorb protein is not good, or it may be because of the relationship between intestines and stomach. No matter what the reason is, first of all, you should know how to supplement protein and what foods to eat, Because protein is the material that our body must wait for, once the lack of it, the body will cause a lot of problems.

protein is a term that we often hear. When the body’s protein supply is insufficient, it will lose weight, easily suffer from anemia, and the body is also prone to infection. Therefore, protein is so important to our health.

in fact, the key to protein supplement is how to avoid eating too much fat. The most ideal food for protein supplement is soybean, as well as eggs, milk, lean meat and other foods. However, in addition to soybeans, other foods are high protein food, it is easy to cause the accumulation of fat, when eating to the right amount.

although soy is the best source of protein supplement, it depends on the digestibility of food when eating soy. Soybean protein content is relatively high, good quality, but the protein digestibility is only about 60% – 65%. If the soybean products, such as soybean milk, the digestibility can be increased by 92-96%, which is very high. Drink a cup of soybean milk every day, you can get a certain amount of protein with high digestibility.

although meat food also contains protein, meat food contains a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol. Long term consumption will increase body fat, and even affect the health of heart and vascular system.

although the protein content and quality of grain is not high, if you eat about 300 grams a day, you can still supplement a certain amount of protein.

reminds you that for people with low protein content, you can eat more of these foods with high protein content in your daily diet, but you should also pay attention not to overdose them, otherwise it is likely to backfire. Of course, you can check your intestines and stomach first, so as to specifically guide why your body lacks protein, This is also conducive to the right medicine.

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