What’s the right time to drink water every day?

we all say that water is the source of our life. We can’t live without water. We can live for a week without food, but we can only live for two or three days without water. We can see the importance of water to us. However, anything in the right amount is good, too much not only waste, but also may bring other problems. So how much water should we drink a day, and what’s the right time to drink water every day? Here is the best time to drink water given by relevant experts. You can learn together.


000116:30, after a whole night’s sleep, the body began to lack water. When you get up, drink 250cc water first, which can help detoxify the kidney and liver, prevent constipation and clean the intestinal tract.


8:30, the process from getting up to the office in the morning is very tight, and the mood is also tense. The body will be dehydrated virtually, so when you get to the office, please give yourself a glass of water of at least 250cc.

03222330011111:00, after working in an air-conditioned room for a period of time, be sure to give yourself the third glass of water in the day when you get up for activities to supplement the lost water, which helps to relax the tense working mood.


12:50, after lunch for half an hour, drink some water, can strengthen the body’s digestive function. It’s not only good for your health, it can also help you keep fit.


15:00, drink a large glass of boiled water, in addition to replenishing the water lost in the air-conditioned room, but also help clear your mind.


17:30, before leaving the office after work, drink a glass of water, can increase the sense of satiety, when eating dinner, naturally will not overeat.


22:00, drink half a glass of water 1 to half an hour before going to bed. Don’t drink too much water at one go, so as not to affect the sleep quality of frequent going to the bathroom at night.


after getting up in the middle of the night, you can drink a mouthful of water to supplement the water consumed by long sleep. So far, we have absorbed about 2000 cc of water a day, which can fully meet the needs of the human body.

see here, do you have a new understanding of how to drink water? When we drink water, it’s better to drink hot water and boiled water instead of cold water. This is not only responsible for our health, but also makes our life more scientific.

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