What’s the season for tonic?

tonic has a lot of benefits for our body. Maybe many of us don’t know much about these contents. We should pay special attention to these contents. Nowadays, people’s physical fitness is getting worse and worse. More nutritional supplements can help us better alleviate the threat of diseases, Tonic also pay attention to season, let’s understand what season tonic it.

autumn is the most refreshing season of the year, and also a good time to supplement the body. In the cool autumn wind, through the natural healthy diet to adjust the body’s state to the best, not only can supplement vitality, but also can prevent winter diseases. In autumn, the emphasis is on the esophagus, and how to eat well and get nutrition is a topic that needs special attention in the autumn.

this season is the day of health preservation. It is warm and moist to deal with autumn dryness.

in autumn, the human body is particularly prone to feel hot and dry, such as dry skin, sore throat, dry mouth and so on, which is called “autumn dryness” in traditional Chinese medicine. Due to the large temperature difference between morning and evening in autumn, a variety of respiratory bacteria and viruses are also more active, and are particularly vulnerable to respiratory diseases such as colds. Therefore, autumn diet should focus on Nourishing Yin and moistening dryness, and eat more warm food.

meat suitable for autumn consumption: black chicken, pig feet, turtle.

fruits suitable for autumn purchase: sweet and sour fruits can stimulate saliva secretion and assist digestion, so apples, grapes and oranges are especially suitable for autumn consumption.

autumn nourishes the lung food: Autumn dryness is easy to hurt the lung, so autumn should eat more water rich lung food, such as tremella, yam, lily, lotus root, sesame, walnut.

the most suitable Soup for autumn: in all kinds of food, soup is undoubtedly the most nourishing one, and the following soup products are indispensable tonic products in autumn.

tonic must grasp the time and season, in order to achieve a better purpose of tonic, so we must pay full attention to the content of what season tonic, in order to avoid unnecessary harm to us because of the problem of tonic, at the same time, we can share the above content to more friends, so that many friends benefit.

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