What’s the taboo for obese people to eat fruit?

what’s the taboo for obese people to eat fruit?

taboo 1. Don’t gargle when eating fruit?

some fruits contain a variety of fermented sugars, which are highly corrosive to teeth. If you don’t gargle after eating, the fruit residue in your mouth is easy to cause dental caries.

taboo 2, avoid eating fruit immediately after a meal

eat fruit immediately after a meal OK? Eat fruit immediately after meals, not only will not help digestion, but will cause flatulence and constipation. Therefore, it is advisable to eat fruits 2 hours after meals or 1 hour before meals.

taboo three, avoid eating too much fruit

excessive consumption of fruit, will make the human body lack of copper, resulting in increased blood cholesterol, causing coronary heart disease, so it is not appropriate to eat too much fruit in a short time. No. 4, eating fruits should not be unhygienic.

eating rotten fruits and fruits without dust-proof and fly proof equipment and without thorough cleaning and disinfection, such as strawberry, mulberry and sliced watermelon, are prone to diarrhea, typhoid, acute gastroenteritis and other digestive tract infectious diseases.

contraindications 5. Fruits should not be disinfected with alcohol

. Although alcohol can kill bacteria on the surface of fruits, it will cause changes in the color, aroma and taste of fruits. The effect of alcohol and acid in fruits will reduce the nutritional value of fruits. Some people think that the vitamin content in the peel is higher than that in the flesh, so they eat the fruit with the skin. As we all know, when diseases and insect pests occur in fruits, pesticides are often sprayed, which will soak and remain in the peel wax, so the pesticide residue in the peel is much higher than that in the pulp.

taboo seven, do not use a kitchen knife to cut fruit

because the kitchen knife often pick up vegetables, will bring parasites or parasite eggs to the fruit, make people infected with parasites, especially the rust on the kitchen knife and the tannic acid contained in the apple will have a chemical reaction, make the apple color, aroma and taste worse.

what fruit to eat can lose weight

1, apple:

apple is the most effective weight loss fruit, low calorie and rich in nutrients, let you easily use fruit to lose weight. It is rich in pectin, which can help intestines to combine with toxins, accelerate detoxification and reduce heat absorption. In addition, apples are rich in potassium, which can prevent leg edema. Chew the hard Apple slowly, release the ingredients, not only feel full, but also its calories are not high.

2, banana:

sugar based banana, after eating can immediately digest, quickly add strength. And bananas are very full, as long as you eat one, you can wrap your stomach, and the calories are quite low, don’t think it’s bad for you to lose weight because it’s sweet.

3, grapefruit:

grapefruit acid can help increase the digestive juice, so as to promote digestive function, and nutrition is easy to be absorbed. Rich in vitamin C, about a grapefruit has 100 grams, can not only eliminate fatigue, but also beautify the skin! The important thing is that it contains less sugar. It’s the best way to supplement vitamin C with diet. Kiwifruit:

kiwifruit has a lot of proteolytic enzymes, so it is the best match with meat dishes. Kiwifruit with a little sour and sweet taste can prevent constipation, help digestion and beautify skin. It’s available all year round. Meimei can try to eat it!

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