What’s the taboo of eating fish? What fish can’t eat

What’s the taboo of eating fish? What fish can’t eat

what fish can’t eat

1, contaminated fish.

toxic fish include fish contaminated by phenol, heavy metals or pesticides, and fish with biotoxin. The fish and shrimp with strong kerosene smell are the result of phenol pollution; Eating large fish such as shark, tuna, swordfish, mackerel and tilapia is prone to mercury poisoning. In particular, pregnant women, lactating women and pregnant women should not eat these fish.

2, deformed fish.

do not eat deformed fish, fish gall, dead turtle and eel.

3, salted fish, smoked fish, dried fish.

because it contains nitrosamine carcinogens, it should not be eaten too much. Fried fish, especially charred fish, contain strong carcinogen heterocyclic amines, so it is better to eat less.

4. Parasitic fish. There may also be Clonorchis sinensis in

fish. In addition to washing thoroughly during processing, attention should be paid to cooking thoroughly.

what’s the taboo of eating fish? According to the introduction of nutrition and health experts, clonorchiasis is a parasitic disease, which is generally infected by eating raw or semi Cooked Freshwater fish, shrimp and freshwater snails containing live metacercaria of clonorchiasis. Therefore, if you often eat raw fish fillets, it will be very easy to be infected with clonorchiasis, and even induce liver cancer.

2, can not eat fish on an empty stomach

eating fish on an empty stomach is easy to cause gout, this is because the fish itself is rich in purine, if you eat a large amount of purine containing fish on an empty stomach, but not enough carbohydrates to decompose, the body’s acid-base balance will be imbalance, easy to induce gout or aggravate the condition of gout patients.

3, avoid eating fish gall

it has long been said among the people that eating fish gall can clear away heat and toxin, improve eyesight and relieve cough. Therefore, although fish gall tastes bitter, some people are always eager to try. It is extremely dangerous to eat fish gall without permission, which can easily lead to poisoning and even life-threatening.

experts pointed out that the bile of fish contains water solubility; Sodium cyprinol sulfate & quot; These toxins are heat-resistant and will not be destroyed by alcohol. Therefore, whether fish gall is cooked, eaten raw or served with wine, poisoning can occur.

4. Don’t eat fish while it’s fresh.

. Do you want fresh fish to have high nutritional value? It is not true that there are certain toxic substances in the body of both farmed fish and wild fish. If you eat it immediately, the toxic substances in the fish can not be completely eliminated, and the parasites and bacteria on the fish are not completely dead. These residual toxins are likely to cause harm to the body.

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