What’s the use of brewed tea?

What’s the use of brewed tea?

what’s the magic use of brewed tea?

1. Waste tea can be dried and heated to remove the choking smoke.

2, waste tea continue to soak in water, long-term use of this water to wash your hair, can make hair black and shiny.

3. Soaking waste tea in water for several days and then pouring it on the roots of plants can promote the growth of plants. Note: it’s better not to pour the tea into the flowerpot. It’s not easy to clean up, and it will produce peculiar smell, insects and rot.

4. Dry the waste tea and put it in the toilet or ditch for fumigation, which can eliminate the stench and remove the mosquito rope.

5, tea has a strong adsorption, so the waste tea drying scattered in a wet place, can go to moisture.

6. In the morning, you can brush your teeth and gargle with the overnight tea with no obvious change in taste, which can prevent gingival bleeding, sterilize and eliminate inflammation.

7. Dry the waste tea and put it on the bottom of the refrigerator to eliminate the peculiar smell in the refrigerator.

8. Soak waste tea in water, and then use it to wash feet. It can remove peculiar smell and help sleep.

9. Sprinkle the tea on the carpet or carpet, and then brush it off with a broom. The tea can take away all the dust. The adsorption of tea can not only absorb water, but also dust.

10. After eating onion and garlic, chew tea residue to eliminate onion and garlic flavor.

11. Waste tea can clean the mud on mirrors, glass, furniture, doors and windows, and leather shoes, with good decontamination effect.

12. After finger burns, you can soak in residual tea to relieve burning pain.

13. Tea can also clean the skin. The vitamins and polyphenols in tea have a health care effect on the skin. Therefore, washing the face with waste tea can clean the skin, avoid stains and darkening.

14. Wash greasy pots and bowls, wooden and bamboo tables and chairs with waste tea, which can play a cleaning role.

15, sun dried waste tea under the insole, can dehumidify sweat and odor, reduce foot odor trouble.

16, waste tea can remove the fishy smell or other odor in the container.

17, the sun dried waste tea into pillow, taste fragrant, but also to the fire. Note: the tea must be dried thoroughly. And this kind of pillow is more susceptible to moisture, so usually also need to often dry.

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