What’s the use of cool oil in life?

What’s the use of cool oil in life?

cool oil in life what magic?

treatment tips

1, children with anal swelling, if you do not understand it will make a fuss, minor disease big doctor, in fact, is very simple, with cool oil on the anus a little smear, the day more. This disease is due to the accumulation of fire toxin in the liver meridian and blood stasis in the anus. The pungent and cool relieving effect of Qingliang oil and its stimulating effect on the skin can not only detoxify and detumescence, but also make Qi ascend and remove blood stasis. It also has good effect on adult’s anus redness and swelling, fire toxin accumulation in liver meridian and blood stasis in anus. Therefore, Qingliang oil can treat the initial and intermediate symptoms of hemorrhoids and fistula.

2. In the first three or four days of pain in the waist, legs, muscles and bones caused by rheumatism, you can apply cool oil on the pain or near the key points. This is to make use of the pungent and cool relieving effect of Qingliang oil.

3, body odor, cool oil frequency, long root. This is also the use of pungent cool solution table.

4. Treatment of simple diarrhea: apply cool oil in the groove between the tailbone and anus, and rub it back and forth until the skin feels slightly hot. At the same time in the navel coated with a small amount of cool oil with a certain effect on simple diarrhea. Apply cooling oil on navel, rub it with palm and cover it for 2-3 minutes, for diarrhea caused by cold in summer.

5, cool oil applied to the navel, can treat constipation.

6. At the beginning of sore throat, apply cool oil on the neck and rub it repeatedly with the palm until the skin is hot. It will be relieved or disappeared after 1-2 hours.

when you feel sick in your tonsils, rub the skin outside the tonsils with cool oil until you get hot. Apply it at least 3 times in a round. Don’t be reluctant to use it. Early, middle and late period, especially before going to bed, is the best. Of course, you can also take some anti-inflammatory drugs according to your own needs. Generally, it will take effect the next day.

7, cotton ball dipped in cool oil a little on the teeth can relieve pain.

8, mild burns, gently applied to the affected area, can relieve pain, avoid blisters, the earlier the treatment, the better the effect.

method: after being burned and scalded for 3-5 minutes (the faster the effect is, the better), cover the affected area with cool oil with a thickness of no less than 1-2mm (the larger the area is, the thicker the thickness is). Generally, it only needs ten minutes to half an hour, but the larger the area, the longer the time.

feeling: feel hot and painful when applying (because it is resolving its heat).

principle: heat and cold balance, also as heat extraction. Verification effect: it is easy to use repeatedly.

9. Patients with corns can apply cooling oil on the corns several times a day, and then burn cigarettes to melt the cooling oil into the corns. After such treatment for a period of time, the corns will fall off by themselves, the patients will not feel pain, and there will be no trace after the treatment.

10, German football players also found another magical effect of Longhu cooling oil: after applying it on the chest and calf, it can reduce the feeling of chest tightness when running violently, and it is more comfortable to run after activating blood in the calf.

11, Qingliang oil and Fengyoujing all have the functions of relieving exterior heat and opening up orifices. They have certain stimulating effects on the skin. Therefore, they can relieve itching, inflammation, swelling, repair epidermal cells and make their metabolism normal, so that many skin diseases can be cured after long-term use; It can be used to treat many diseases according to acupoints, such as two Taiyang points, Fengchi Points, Shangen, Renzhong, qianhairi, etc. it can refresh the mind, cure headache, and open orifices.

family pest control

1, bamboo furniture borers, as long as the use of cool oil embedded in each borer, you can cut off the pest.

2, leeches, mosquitoes and other general stung, bite, can be applied to cool oil and healing.

3 and cool oil have strong mosquito repellent effect. If you put 4-5 boxes of cool oil in the shade of the room, mosquitoes can not enter the room in the whole summer.

home use

1, accidentally stained with paint on the skin, and there is no solvent to scrub, you can use cool oil to wipe a little, 1 ~ 2 minutes later, and then gently wipe clean with clean cotton. If the paint is dry, wipe cool oil for 2 ~ 3 minutes, the paint will roll up automatically and tear off with your fingers.

2. Apply cool oil on both sides of the clothes that have just been stained with paint stains. After a few minutes, wipe the paint stains with a cotton ball along the fabric pattern. In addition to aging stains, you should apply more cooling oil, and peel off the paint after the paint wrinkles. Wash the clothes and the paint stains will be completely removed.

3, in addition to toilet odor: open the lid of a box of cool oil and put it in the lower corner to eliminate the odor. Scrape off the top layer of the box about half a month, and repeat until one box of cooling oil is used up, and one box of cooling oil can be used for about 2 to 3 months.

4. In the severe winter, some people’s hands and feet are frozen, which is very uncomfortable. At night, they are itchy and difficult to fall asleep. Before going to bed, wash hands and feet with warm water, and then apply cool oil on pimples, which can quickly relieve itching.

5. For those who often get carsick and seasick when going out, put some cool oil on the mask and put it on before getting on the boat, so they won’t get carsick and seasick.

6. Put the cool oil in the shoe cabinet to remove the peculiar smell.

7. Apply cooling oil on the gum stain. After a while, the stain will soften and fall off with one button.

8. Repeated application of cool oil can eliminate the ink marks of ballpoint pen and signature pen.

9. It’s easier to remove the essential balm from the sticky paper on the utensils without any trace.

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