What’s the use of expired milk

with the improvement of people’s health awareness, more and more people know that drinking milk is good for human health, and more and more people drink milk. Are the quality of so many milk brands the same. Of course not. There are great differences in the quality of milk produced by different manufacturers. Small milk manufacturers have a low degree of large-scale breeding, and it is difficult to meet the standard requirements in terms of output and quality.

so when you choose milk, you must choose products from big manufacturers. The first condition is to have your own ranch and dairy base. When you buy fresh milk, don’t try to save trouble. What’s the use of expired milk? Here’s how to introduce it to you.

skin care

milk contains rich nutrition, whitening skin care effect, expired milk will produce lactic acid, lactic acid can soften cutin, moisturize, more conducive to the maintenance of skin. But note that if the milk has caked, it does not have the above effect.


shoeshine with expired milk can make shoes polished and prevent the leather from cracking.

method: brush the dirt on the vamp with a fine hair brush, dip an appropriate amount of expired milk with gauze or cotton swab, evenly apply it on the vamp, and gently wipe it with dry cloth after drying. Leather furniture can also be wiped like this.

wipe log floor

log floor high-grade elegant, but also “delicate”, cleaning up more trouble, expired milk cleaning is a good way.

method: dilute the expired milk with clean water, sprinkle it on the floor, and then wipe it back and forth with a mop, so that the log floor can take on a new look.

watering flowers

expired milk with obvious sour taste can be used for watering flowers. Dig a small hole in the flower soil and pour in the milk.

expired milk must not be eaten, nor should it be thrown away as garbage. The above describes the use of expired milk. In fact, there is another use of expired milk. Primary school students often make ink stains on their clothes. They can wash them with clean water first, and then gently rub them with expired sour milk to easily remove the ink stains.

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