What’s the use of expired milk?

expired milk must not be drunk any more, otherwise it may cause food poisoning. Expired milk is not useless at all. Expired milk also has high utilization value. We must not throw it away because it is overdue. Expired milk can wash our face, It can achieve good cosmetic effect. Expired milk can also be shoeshine, there are other specific benefits? If

1 milk doesn’t agglomerate and deteriorate as mentioned above, it just acidifies, which means that the nutrients contained in milk are still there, and lactic acid bacteria won’t hurt us, so we can use milk to wipe leather shoes at this time, so that leather shoes can be as bright as new, and it can also prevent leather shoes from cracking and drying.

if you have leather furniture or wooden furniture at home, you can use expired milk mixed with water to dilute and wipe it, which can make the leather of leather furniture more elastic and restore luster, and some sweat stains and perennial accumulated stains on wooden furniture can also be washed off very well.

2. The reason why some expired milk can protect skin is that a lot of lactic acid is produced in milk, which can soften cutin and has good moisturizing effect. Secondly, although the milk has gone bad, the fat in it has not been damaged in a short time, so the moisturizing effect will not be weakened. From this point of view, full fat expired milk skin care effect is better than skim milk. Skin care with expired milk, you can directly use it to apply face, you can also pour a bottle of expired milk into the bathtub, water diluted bath. However, Jennie suggested that the effect will be weakened after dilution, so it is best to smear the whole body with milk in advance, massage for 5-10 minutes, and then soak in the bathtub. Because lactic acid bacteria don’t cause urinary tract infections, women don’t need to worry about the safety of this skin care method.

it can be seen that expired milk has a wide range of uses. However, we should try our best to drink the milk within the shelf life of the milk, so as to give full play to the drinking value of the milk. We should try not to wait for the milk to pass the shelf life, and then think about other methods of utilization. This is a waste.

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