What’s the use of expired yogurt?

yogurt is the favorite of many people. There are many kinds of yogurt. When you choose yogurt, you can’t do it at will. When you drink different yogurt, you can help the human body differently. Yogurt can promote human digestion. At the same time, yogurt is very good on the belly, and it’s good on weight loss, All have very good help, what is the use of expired yogurt?

many people buy too much yogurt to drink. What’s the use of expired yogurt? Many people don’t know much about it. After the expiration of yogurt, there are good ways to use it. Here’s a detailed introduction.

what is the use of expired yogurt:

1, beauty

lactic acid has the function of softening cutin, can play the role of moisturizing. It can also make facial mask and moisturizing skin. It is also very effective.

overdue yogurt mask, yogurt must be just expired soon, that can not be overdue long time yogurt to mask, because it will contain excessive bacteria, damage to the skin.

in addition, expired yogurt can also be applied to the hands, clapping until it is completely absorbed, kneading words can clean the cuticle, rinse clean, and then apply hand cream, the skin will become very tender and smooth.


wipe the floor

can be expired Yogurt Mixed with water, diluted, directly sprinkled on the floor, and then mop, the floor will become bright as new.

removing ink

expired yogurt can be used to remove ink on clothes. First of all, wash the clothes with clean water, then pour in the expired yoghurt and rub it gently with clean water. Gradually, the ink on the clothes disappears, and the whole dress is as white as new.

leather furniture

if expired yogurt has a small amount of precipitation, but the smell has not begun to become bad, this time you can use expired yogurt to wipe leather furniture. It can make leather home to restore the original luster, but also can play the role of repairing small cracks.

wipe shoes

first use a brush to brush off the dirt on the shoe surface, then use gauze dipped in an appropriate amount of expired yoghurt to evenly smear on the shoe surface, wait until the yoghurt is dry, then use dry cloth to wipe off the yoghurt, the vamp is immediately glossy, and the dry crack of the leather surface disappears.

through the above introduction, what’s the use of expired yogurt? The above is a detailed introduction. When using yogurt, the quantity can’t be too much, and these methods of use, in terms of the effect, are also very good. They are a good choice and are very helpful to life.

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