What’s the use of fabric softener? The magical use of fabric softener in life

the main component of fabric softener is cationic surfactant. The easiest way to identify them: they are all very & quot; Acid & quot; The pH value is very low. Next, let’s quickly learn about the function of fabric softener in

, which is like a protective film evenly on the surface of fabric fibers. Due to the adsorption of softener on the fiber surface, the friction coefficient between fibers is reduced, the mobility is enhanced, and the inherent smoothness, extension and compression properties of fibers are restored, So the fabric becomes more soft, fluffy and elastic. In the same way, because of the softener & lt; Protective film; It can reduce the friction between fibers and improve the electrostatic phenomenon of cotton, wool, silk, especially chemical fiber fabrics to a certain extent.

clothing softener in life


The fabric softener has the functions of softness, mildew resistance and antibacterial. This effect is not exclusive to clothing. The cationic surfactant used in the softener can be used in the formulation of other purposes.

for example, Japanese restaurants will have some tatami floor boxes. The tatami woven with straw mat should be soft, bright, antibacterial and not moldy. Of course, it needs special cleaning, bright, mildew resistant and antibacterial agents! What is that? It’s an aqueous solution containing cationic surfactant.

therefore, life application first move, the clothing softener, diluted about 50 ~ 100 times, used to wipe tatami bed, tatami cushion, closed floor, to prevent dust in the cracks, small insects. The biggest headache of keeping pets at home is the disinfection of the environment. Most people will go to the pet shop to buy cationic disinfection water, which is known as chlorine free disinfection water and harmless to the animal environment.

In fact, it is also a cationic surfactant in the softener. Therefore, the second way of life, the clothing softener, pour 10 cc water diluted into 100 ~ 200 cc, spray pet hair, spray pet appliances environment, can achieve good antibacterial effect.

after winter, the light and ventilation in the room are poor. The cold and humid weather makes the wardrobe, shoe cabinet, shoes, bathroom corner and other places moldy again. Don’t worry, fabric softener can also help!

therefore, the third move in life is to dilute the fabric softener by 50-100 times, and wipe the table, chair, wall, cabinet, bookcase, door panel, doorknob, etc. with a rag. If the situation is serious, it will be diluted by 50 times, and if it is prevented at home, it will be diluted by 100 times. Shoes can be diluted about 5-10 times for seasonal maintenance. Wipe your favorite shoes, dry them and then collect them. Only in this way can you avoid moldy and disgusting shoes when you take them out for wearing. How can you wear them?

also, clothing softener can be used for floor disinfection, but because it is a cationic surfactant, used mops will not be easy to clean, but also consider the safety of too slippery floor. So, if you want to do this, try to find the floor of some rooms first!

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