What’s the use of fruit packaging foam cotton?

What’s the use of fruit packaging foam cotton?

what is the use of fruit packaging foam cotton?

usually, when we buy apples and pears, we can see this white or red mesh foam cotton. It can protect fruits from bumping and breaking, and is conducive to fruits transportation and preservation. We often throw the fruit away after we buy it. In fact, it is very useful!

1, prevent soap softening

put this layer of grid directly on the soap box, it can absorb the moisture on the soap, when the soap is used, it is very dry.

2 and

mesh can not only make the soap dry, but also directly use it to clean the sink at home, which is a very good helper. It is said that the effect of cleaning stainless steel pool is better than that of cleaning ceramic pool.

wipe the grid of the pool. If it is not damaged, rinse it with clean water, squeeze out the water and put it into the soap box again.

3. Prevent the chair from slipping

put the fruit protection net on the chair, and then put the chair cushion on it, so as to increase the friction between the chair and the cushion, and prevent the cushion from slipping and falling from the chair.

4, anti scalding and heat insulation

the protective net of fruit can also be used as heat insulation pad. When the thermal insulation mat of the dining table is not enough, the protective net can play a role. If the hot tableware containing food is placed on the protective net, the table can be protected. So that the table will not be damaged by high temperature.

5, washing dishes and chopsticks

it is a good choice to dip the protective net with a little detergent, and the effect is better than the cleaning ball.

fruit protection net is made of PE, which has high density and smooth surface. It is not easy to hurt chopsticks and bowls when using the protection net made of this material.

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