What’s the use of old socks? Unexpected use of used socks

” What’s the use of old socks? Unexpected use of old socks

unexpected use of old socks

1, the onion one by one into the stockings, in the middle of each section to make them separate. Hanging in a well ventilated place can keep onions for a long time.

2. Use old silk stockings to wipe ceramic utensils such as tile and toilet can make the glaze particularly clean and bright.

3. It’s very convenient to put your hand in the old thick cotton socks.

4. Use the old silk stockings on the brush, dip in the shoe oil to brush the shoes, which can make the shoes shine.

5. Cut off the cuffs of old cotton stockings and sew them on the cuffs of cotton clothes, which is beautiful, wear-resistant and easy to remove and wash.

6. Wrap the silk stockings on the iron clothes rack to prevent the hanging clothes from wrinkles and deformation.

7, old silk stockings filled with old sponge, can be used as a brush.

8. When wearing shorts in summer, put the cut out old socks on children’s knees and elbows to prevent children from scratching their skin when they fall.

9. It is convenient and easy to use when the old cotton sock cover is used to wipe the uneven utensils such as light bulbs.

10. You can use old silk stockings and wire to make very beautiful silk stockings.

11. Put camphor balls in old cotton stockings and put them in the wardrobe to prevent insects.

12. Cut the old socks and sew them together to make a mop. It’s light, clean and easy to wash or air.

13. It’s easy to wipe the glass by putting the old cotton socks on your hands.

14. Take down the mouth of the vacuum cleaner, cover the pipe mouth with old silk socks and fasten it with ropes. It’s easy to find small things.

15. Wrap a few pairs of broken socks into a ball and put them in the shoes to prevent the shoes from deformation.

16, the old cotton socks set on the broom, can be very good to sweep the hair on the ground, dandruff, and not easy to dust.

17. Old cotton socks can be used to make sock dolls.

18, find some old nylon socks fixed on one end of the stick, dip in detergent to wash the toilet, very easy to use.

19, accumulate more silk stockings, wash them, and use them to fill the cushion.

20. The old silk stockings have good elasticity. Collect and bind them, and then install a long wooden stick to remove dust. Because stockings can produce static electricity, it is easier to absorb dust than ordinary dusters.

21. Put the remaining soap pieces in the old silk stockings, and continue to wash hands and wash basins.

22. Silk stockings are elastic, dustproof and very breathable. They are used to wrap leather shoes, leather bags, blankets, etc. to make the goods not stained with dust, deformation and mildew.

23. The lens of the camera can be used as a soft light by wrapping it with silk stockings with high transparency.

24. The fur scarf is stored in the silk stockings to keep the softness of the hair.

25. Put the old silk stockings on the drainage pipe of the washing machine and tie them tightly with ropes to collect the washed debris and prevent the debris from blocking the downpipe.

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